Ayyy any Flutter devs in the house?

Question to you: I know that using Material components will work cross platforms just fine.

But will building an app using Cupertino components work on all platforms without an issue?

Saw some mixed opinions 👀👀

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Are Twitter gods going to get very mad at me for planning Croatia workation trip with my friends instead of working on my startup? 👀👀
I think it's only the second time in two years that I've heard my M1 Macbook's fan spin.

Which means my laptop knows I'm getting some serious work done 🔥

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Hey #indiehackers #buildinpublic do we have any uni/college dropouts in here?

Been thinking about my situation recently and I'm a bit torn 🤔

Do you have any experiences to share?

Is dropping out mafia or not?
Jacob: I need to build #timevision fast, it's not rocket science, I should get to coding

Also Jacob: ye, ye, ye, lemme just watch this 37h long YT Flutter tutorial real quick


(To be fair, the tutorial was quite useful 💪)
Hey #indiehackers

How long did it take you to go from an idea to actually building)?
For me it was half a year. Today I would have probably created a landing page immediately.

What would you have done differently today? Do you have any lessons to share? 👀 #buildinpublic
Ask people around you what do they want.

Talked to a friend today. She had so many great ideas. So many opportunities to build and give value. Will certainly approach at least one of them soon.

Try it. Who knows. Maybe something great will be born.
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Not much to show today. Implementing Firebase and crud. It's gonna be a big chunk of work without visible results.

Instead let me share my constantly growing appreciation for all kinds of software developers. Your job is hard. It's good to have you.
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"Okay Jacob, you haven't done shit today. You have to think of something super quick to implement so you can show it on Twitter"

Progress is progress I guess

#buildinpublic #timevision
It's so cool to see how quickly you can add functionalities and basic building blocks with code. I feel like a kid playing with Legos

Next steps: database, crud and user inputs

#buildinpublic #timevision
What are your thoughts on the landing page?

What should I add there that would make you more excited about the tool? 👀
Any members of #buildinpublic #startup #founders from Portugal? Will be visiting Lisbon in couple of days, feel free to reach out to me and let's have some ☕️
Have almost forgotten how fun it is to code something from scratch