2️⃣ My approach this weekend is different than previous build weekends. Keeping it relaxed w/no pressure. Priority = self-care and no-code joy, not MVP completion.

🎯Goal: Get unstuck with marrying all my @Airtable data to @softr_io. Anything else is a bonus. #buildinpublic
1️⃣Pausing my attempt at a 6-week ANTI-goal-setting & goal-reaching break to join #100DaysOfNoCode Build Weekend. Picking up where I left off w/ 𝗙𝗶𝗻𝗱 𝗮 𝗗𝗮𝗺𝗻 𝗕𝗿𝗮👙, a free, body-inclusive breast and bra education web app. #buildinpublic
Today I unveiled my (partial) MVP!🎉

👙Find a Damn Bra, and all of my ridiculous breast sketches, made their @100daysnocode Demo Day debut. Pre-bootcamp, this was just 1 of my ideas. Then I CHOSE IT. And now it's choosing me.😭Grateful in a way I've never been.

@jackiekerzner is solving a a real problem with her project: Find a Damn Bra.

Built in @airtable (in an impressive base) @yepdotso and soon @softr_io
✅ Installed Draw app into @canva and VOILA! ➝ ALL my image criteria = met🎉
✅ Uploaded t-shirt & added background colors
✅ Drew 13 breast shape sets
✅ Drew master set of hips and some inclusive body adjustments
✅ Finished MVP breast shapes 😍👙

✅ Saw an ad for a shirt w/breasts on it & SOLUTION EPIPHANY 💡: convert sketches into a mixed-media shirt/sketch photo w/my background colors 🎨
✅ Got a transparent t-shirt image
✅ Retried phone @sketchbookapp & uploaded pic to draw on
❌ Finger issues

❌ Digital journey w/no progress 😢➝ try pen & paper!
❌ Pilot G2 07 + old scrap paper (from @Prosci change mngmt training, ha!)?➝ instantly successful for "shipping" sketches quickly but stopped b/c they didn't feel right--lost some of my image criteria

❌ Add @sketchbookapp to iPad for more finger real estate? ➝ failed b/c iOS is too old to install it
❌ Draw in PPT using my mouse? ➝ progress! but very limited tool options & clunky

⓮-❸ Thrilled w/how they turned out. But the journey didn't begin w/the shirt concept...

❌Stock images? ➝ no good image sets
❌Stylus sketch w/old iPad & Penultimate? ➝ a joke
❌Finger w/@sketchbookapp on phone? ➝ finger too big & stylus hated phone screen

⓮-❷ Even for MVP 1, images had to:
✅Be shape-accurate education w/out being real breasts
✅Be photos w/out...being photos
✅Reflect the brand's voice: boobs are normal, different, important, not taboo, & fun
✅Align w/≈FADB colors (still adjusting)
✅Be $0

⓮-❶ Amped that I finished 13 MVP breast shape sketches! This solution took many experiments & iterations over the last week to figure out how to create what I wanted. Like FADB's landing page, there were many image criteria to meet...

#buildinpublic #100daysofnocode
⓭ Love how @airtable Gallery view helps me pretend I'm further than I am & that I've made a real app when I'm still just slogging in the database.

Bra images: in. Of course there were 0⃣ full bra style sets. Piecemealing illustrations = MVP duct tape. MENOLIKE.

⓬-❹ Ppl don't grasp the complexity of the breast-shape-to-bra-style-&-fit rltnshp. It's so nuanced & MATHY. Tons of if-then decisions just to find a damn bra. I ❤️ that MVP 1's complexity couldn't escape that. Must be why nobody's created a tool like this.

#buildinpublic #bras
⓬-❸ Bra styles should've taken priority for the MVP since breast shapes share MULTIPLE & ALL bra styles.
I could've ⬇️ MVP scope and ⬆️ build/ship speed if I'd done all styles 1st, then limited scope to ½ the shapes. I'd be further than I am now.

#buildinpublic #nocodebramath
⓬-❶ Big lesson re: MVP scope and speed

When your product feature solves for a zillion permutations that no one else has captured well (part of the business case), you should 1st id WHICH many-to-many element matters MOST to reduce MVP work.

#buildinpublic #100daysofnocode
⓫ Monday morning
✅ Dog walk
✅ Workout
✅ Smoothie
✅ Wishing I had an extra day b/c I'm terrible at MVP speed--my projects always need much pre-work
⏱️ 2.5 hr timebox til the real work day
🎯 Complete 50% of pre-Airtable bra style info

#buildinpublic #100daysofnocode
🔟 Can't function w/o mind maps b/c my 🧠= systemic relationships. And I almost always include @icons_8 icons.

✅ Finished all 12 breast shapes pre-@airtable
✅ Reminded self that bra styles to avoid = OUT OF SCOPE for MVP
✅ Now saving breast drawings for Tues

9⃣ New normal: Sunday night eating tofu & cauli rice while drawing breasts.

In PowerPoint.

With my mouse.

-No time to outsource
-iPad iOS = too old for iPhone's sketching app
-Finger = too big to draw on phone (but may retry)
-Stock vectors = not a fit


Field set options had me blocked for a week. Now instantly renergized and IN IT. Far-From-Over-Tony-Manero-style.

Any time I'm stuck mid-build & get unstuck, this montage is the first thing in my head.🤷‍♀️

#buildinpublic #80sbrain…
7⃣ FINALLY! I have a winner!

🎉Option 4

This impacts so much:
-Proofing and finalizing copy on bra style descriptors
-dentifying holes I didn't catch earlier
-Look, feel, and cognitive ease for users when learning

And: It aligns with the brand voice. 🎙️

6⃣ Status 15 minutes later

Down to 2 options!

This is where having a background in instructional design comes in handy! Verbiage must align w/the verb conventions & phrasing of the bra style *decriptors* they'll encompass. Gotta cross check now.

#buildinpublic #100DaysOfNoCode