I'm building a LinkedIn competitor, let's 10x it together!

YouTube is experimenting with removing the "dislike" counter from videos.

Do you think professional networks should have a dislike button?

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👍👎 In response to creator feedback around well-being and targeted dislike campaigns, we're testing a few new designs that don't show the public dislike count. If you're part of this small experiment, you might spot one of these designs in the coming weeks (example below!).
When you’re working hard on something and start to feel alone or burnout.

Remember that you may build “as one but stand as 10,000.” - Maya Angelou

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15 of the smartest things ever said: 🧵
#Tweet tip ✨ Use bot hashtags 🤖 in your niche to retweet you.

Good conversion rates on a website are 2% to 5%, so if you are getting that many followers per profile click you are doing great. 💙

Check out #Twitter analytics to track your progress.

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@Lamacorn20 I don't have this problem. None of my tweets work. 😭
@apartovi Your tweets make me feel like I’m right there in those acquisition meetings with you! 💔🔥

If you have the courage to learn and #buildinpublic you have the courage to succeed.
@robertbalazsi Many miss out on 💎 #UX research because of fear of talking to people, but it can be one of the most encouraging and ways to want to keep building.

Finding out that you are solving real pain points for real people can make your day/month/year/life!

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#Netflix is changing the way they rank their popular titles to “hours viewed” as the greatest success indicator. 🙌

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First time I’ve seen someone other than a #founder or #programmer use #buildinpublic and I love it!

What are you designing, writing or creating that you can start to share earlier than you think?…
✅ Draft assembled
➡️ Once-over edit
➡️ Send to printers

Book of short stories is en route.

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Ever wondered what someone’s Twitter stats are when they have over 35,000 followers?

Check out @arvidkahl’s! #buildinpublic
Did you know my Twitter stats are public? :)
@roxkstar74 Helping to start a #buildinpublic movement is really hard! Try to cut yourself some slack 💙

Life is like juggling glass balls, work being the only rubber ball. The others can shatter (family, friends, health).

HIGHLY recommend “Take Control of Your Life” audible by @melrobbins
Love the idea of user testing every individual graphic on a website. 🔥

I’m going to start trying this with individual icons too! ✨ #fun

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@j3njohnson Yes, exactly! Every one of our graphics are designed to stand alone and be directionally understandable by anyone who is looking at it, at least at a high level. Which is rarely done on individual graphics, but usually done on experience.
@roxkstar74 I was wondering about this, thanks for sharing! ☺️

Really interested in how streaming while you #buildinpublic affects focus and if it makes you build faster or slower than before. Are live viewers and comments like being cheered on or does it become distracting?
@roxkstar74 @jamiepine @TheCoppinger @Robotichead Your work & transparency is going to inspire so many people! #buildinpublic

E.g. I think of this quote daily from Vimeo's Co-founder & designer

"I remember having an office and having a door and shutting myself off for 6 months while I iterated on this constantly." - @zachklein
For better UX and increased conversions replace your auto rotating carousels/sliders with static image call to actions.

After thousands of A/B tests big tech (Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google, Tesla, Disney) focuses each fold on one primary offer.✨

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Changing how you respond to fear can change your life.

Tell me about a time you felt the fear but did it anyway! How did it change your life?

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