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Finally, done with the schedule feature for @okhumanapp 😭😭 (man, this routine stuff is complicated).

It is FAR from good at the moment, I know. A lot is missing. But, I feel that this is a good starting point.

πŸ“’ Update:

@quickbackapp_ is a friendly feedback collector for your products.

⚑️One-line implementation - #nocode friendly
⚑️Works with static sites & JS frameworks
⚑️Collect feedback per URL
⚑️Customize to match your brand
⚑️One-click & free text feedback

@quickbackapp_ update:
Quickback is a friendly feedback collector for your products.

⚑️One-line implementation - #nocode friendly
⚑️Works with static sites & JS frameworks
⚑️Collect feedback per URL
⚑️Customize to match your brand
⚑️One-click & free text feedback

I wrote the other day that I'm thinking of scraping some dead projects together to crate a new product, that was supposed to be a feature for @okhumanapp.

I call it Quickback⚑️
It's a quick way to get... you know... feedback :)

Let's go! πŸš€

#buildinpublic πŸ’™
Time for #buildinpublic updates πŸ“’πŸ“’πŸ“’

πŸ‘Œ @okhumanapp now has a quick feedback (powered by Quickback).

It enables me to add short Q&As and optional free form feedback by page - without being annoying.

Cool stuff 😎
More @okhumanapp #buildinpublic

Pretty much done with connecting widgets & navigations.

Connect to widgets, connect current widget to others. Go left, right, up, down. Whatever you like, just find your flow.

What's so great about @okhumanapp's #buildinpublic?

Tens of amazing people provided feedback, insights, tips, suggestions and showed support publicly & privately.

All this without ever seeing or using the actual product.


If you build it in public - they will come.
πŸ‘Œ @okhumanapp's LP ✨

There will be an open demo version, unlimited, for 30 minutes each time.

I figured that instead of beating myself up with non-existing positioning, I'll let users to see for themselves & expand the landing page as feedback rolls in.

16 tasks left to complete for @okhumanapp closed beta.

Mama mia

I'm using @okhumanapp regularly now (schedule, lists, pages & counter widgets) to track progress, prepare stuff for meetings with clients and brain dumping.

Found some unknown & really embarrassing bugs that will most def drive users away.

Eat your own dog food. #buildinpublic
#buildinpublic (or #buildonweekend 😜)

Not sure if it's good enough. Struggled a bit with deleting routines on @okhumanapp schedule.

Technically, I replicate events on the fly according to routine settings, so I had to do A LOT of JS date tricks to maintain the illusion.

@okhumanapp So the mood tracker is taking a shape.
It is a part of your OK, human schedule.

I think I'll stop here till some feedback will roll in.

Got some touch-ups & bugs to deal with, some responsive issues and off we go to beta.

Updates for @okhumanapp schedule!

You can add a routine or a one-time event.

Events & routines can connect to existing widgets, and you can create new ones as you go.

Say you have a meeting ,and you want to add a page for notes & a list for the agenda.

#buildinpublic πŸ‘‡
@okhumanapp schedule comes with 2 views: a week view & 3-day view.

The 3-day view shows yesterday, today & tomorrow.
I wonder if it should present today and the next 2 following days.

How much do we care about yesterday? πŸ€”

#buildinpublic update πŸ“’

Adding schedule view to @okhumanapp

- Week/3 days view
- Routines
- Assign widgets to routines - and create a quick navigation between each
- Check completed routines
- Track mood during the day

After some research & feedback, I'm working on a quick schedule feature for @okhumanapp, so you could focus on your habits system, track mood and manage your day.

You could add routines, tasks, events, mood tracker & widgets.

More details to come 😎
Something I'm passionate about for @okhumanapp is a breathing feature. You know, in case you feel overwhelmed or need a moment.

Since the app is all about simplicity & humanity - so is this little feature.

Here's what I've done so far:

There are 2 more features I want to build for @okhumanapp and I don't care if no one will use them πŸ˜ƒ

And then:
Fixing some bugs
Fixing layouts
Fixing responsive design
Demo users
Quick tips
Terms & privacy
Minimal account settings