Finalized migration to #reactnative .66 today, along with some bug fixes here and there. The next week will be all thorough testing to make sure nothing breaks :) #buildinpublic
We're getting so close to finally getting my startup to social media! Our initial 9 posts are almost ready, just some final tweaks to go #buildinpublic
Work has been slow and grindy in recent days, but just added delete account functionality as per @apple guidelines. On to more productive tasks in the coming days as introduce free month codes! #buildinpublic
Today I set up offer codes for my app, which we plan to give to influencers to help them incentivize their audience! #buildinpublic #reactdev
Finished building my website ( along with some work for responsiveness. Expected to completely finish it today but just couldn't decide on some design elements. We do better tomorrow 💪

#nocode #buildinpublic
Started work on my own website this past weekend the #nocode tool @webflow! It's honestly much better than I expected, really happy with it so far. One more day and I should have the big screen version of my website ready at

Been working on finding alternative solutions to load data on app launch. Reduced Splash screen time from 5-7s down to 2s today. #buildinpublic
Completed marketing research. Now time to double down and start creating initial content for our Instagram page. A productive day.