The last few weeks have been busy building these wresting sites. A lot of fun thankfully!

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Finally moving all my project issues from Github to Notion. I already have all my project notes there so it just makes sense to have the issues too.

Finally updated to use @remix_run on the frontend and @laravelphp on the backend. It’s like the best of both web development worlds!

I checked the stats on the new database cluster and so far so good. No heavy loads or performance issues.

I think @digitalocean's managed database is a win!

Working on an update for the website that switches all the Laravel blade files for a @remix_run frontend. So far coming along nicely but more work to be done.

Finally got my @remix_run app setup in docker with a MySQL database connection!

This is awesome! 🎉🎉 now let’s you search for images. Currently you can find WWE & Impact images.

Next I need to fix bugs and add more companies!

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What I love about side projects is I get to learn new frameworks, libraries, & languages. For Lucha Fotos, I'm using @typescript and so far loving adding types.

It's like some security blanket for my code.

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I’ve taken the last week off from side projects and it’s been such a great choice.

Gave me much needed time to rest and relax.

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Time to get re-acquainted with an old friend called @reactjs. Last time I used it Class components were the big thing...…

Awesome! Wrote my first @pestphp test and it was so simple. Now I have some sense of what's working as I build up this site 😀

Ok I finally got puppeteer installed with Google Chrome in @Docker but now any request I make times out.

It’s more progress made but still taking time to get everything setup.

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Originally I wanted every side project to have its own twitter account, email, etc. Now I’d rather point each to my own twitter account and remove email contact entirely. It’s less digital domains for me to manage.

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I'm working on and one of my favorite parts of any new project is working on the data model.

It's like I'm putting lego pieces in just the right spot!

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brb upgrading 113 packages on a server. #buildinpublic
So now that frees me up to work on new ideas centered on the #WrestlingCommunity . My goal is to make a lot more great services and fun apps for everyone to enjoy.

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Slowly getting this new API up and running. Thankful to have Postman to help test this out!

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Starting a new API in #Laravel and I got a simple login/logout with some authenticated routes working!

The next step is to flesh out this API even more. 😀

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Seriously @filamentphp is amazing! I just built out 10 admin pages in less than an hour. I was able to add form fields for relations with ease.

So thankful I've continued to library.

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Working on side projects like @thedailysmark & more the 2 tools I use most are @github issues and @NotionHQ.

Issues tie my actionable items to the code. Notion helps flesh out thoughts, docs, and more for the entire project.

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