Side projects are great to work on since they let you tackle new and different problems. It can be tough to find time to work on them but breaking it up into smaller tasks makes it so much easier.

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4 days later and I'm finally done with my cleanup! In the end I've removed ~5 million files that were no longer being used since I first started @thedailysmark 3 years ago.

#buildinpublic #indiehacker
I reached a huge milestone this year and 2021 isn’t even over! Thankful to find a group of users that enjoy the iPhone app and use it daily.

2021 was an amazing year. We saw tremendous growth to the point we reached 16.44k sessions.

2022 kicked off with a bang! In the first 6 months, we've already surpassed 2021 sessions.

Thank you for the constant love & support. ❤️🙏🏾

I wrote a command to clean up uploaded files that no longer were referenced in the database. Thankfully @laravel made that so simple and easy to do! #buildinpublic
Building an app for pro wrestling content is such a fun side project. Looking at the activity for 2022 compared to all of 2021 it's amazing.

I love to see so many people enjoying it.


2021 vs 2022 so far