πŸ™ŒI've been waiting for this for a long time now. @hellonexthq is soon getting a real-time editor where you can collaborate while writing product changelog or help articles. Creds: @zathvarun

Demo video dropping tomorrow. #saas #buildinpublic
πŸŽ‰ Now with automatic screenshot capture, and better article generation on HelpOS. Here's a quick demo.

Signup for beta access β†’

#gpt3 #chatgpt #openai #buildinpublic…
🚨 Open for beta access. Using GPT-3 to generate help articles with just your actions. We're calling it HelpOS.

Writing how-to tutorials has never been this easy.
1. Click record
2. Perform your actions
3. Copy & paste your article

The potential is HUGE:
Made some upgrades to the design and content on @hellonexthq website. Here’s a quick preview of improved animation, smoother transition and a new contrasting black sections for easier reading. #buildinpublic #saas
I absolutely love this feature to collaborate internally on feature requests. Saves so much time and effort. #saas #buildinpublic
πŸ… Now, respond to comments on Hellonext via email. The new feature is now on GA, and compliments the already existing Letterbox feature with which you can submit feedback via email.

Open comment notification email β†’ Hit reply β†’ Send away.

Comment via email is ON by default.
That’s some insane work team has pulled in the last 18 days. Respect.

#saas #buildinpublic #prodmgmt
SIX essential features in 18 days! That's productivity at its peek!πŸŽ–Let's go team @hellonexthq πŸ”₯
Is there any extension that helps you run spellcheck on a website? (Not while editing. But while viewing). #buildinpublic #webdev
Looking for a honest review of how well you are able to understand the landing page copy of @hellonexthq. Anyone up for it?

Will do a honest review for UI design for your product.

#buildinpublic #saas
Trying out a new layout for @hellonexthq pricing page. Highlighting ONLY the most important features that people could care about. Let's see how this one performs. #design #ui #saas #buildinpublic
It's happening. We've been heads-down working on building one of the most insightful analytics dashboard for @hellonexthq, and this is the direction we're heading towards.

Super excited to get this to the hands of our customers.

#buildinpublic #design #ui #userfeedback
All set to launch the brand new command palette for @hellonexthq to all our customers.

- Final design upgrades βœ…
- Search integration βœ…
- Animations βœ…
- Dev Sign-off βœ…

#buildinpublic #designtwitter #uxbridge
Started building a free platform to validate ideas quickly before writing a price of code. Create, share, validate is what we’re going after. Alpha launch day after tomorrow. Reply for access πŸ‘‡

And this product will entirely be #buildinpublic #nocode
#BuildInPublic Twitter, what are some of the areas that you don't often expose to the public? Like revenue, strategy or something else?
Updated the revamped Integrations section on the landing page after a friend enlightened me about the importance of actionable words than just images.

#SaaS #buildinpublic