Added horizontal & vertical guidelines! 📏

Feedback driven features are the best ones.

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Wow! This tweet really blew up! ✨

I think I should build & sell more businesses on @acquiredotcom.

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Contentdrips image background remover feature!

I used @replicatehq to built this feature!

So far i'm liking it.

Shipped a new feature in @contentdrips

Image Background Remover is now available 🪄

Need help!

Should I remove watermarks for @contentdrips & put limits on the features?

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Shipped a small new update on @contentdrips

A collapsed view for the editor!

Great editing text & viewing experience.

we broke up!

sorry i sold my startup last week

i made a video. 👀

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Stay tuned for more updates and details, which I'll be sharing in my upcoming weekly posts. I'll post a video too.

The future is bright, and I'm excited for what's to come!

Peace out!

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I will be making a big announcement tomorrow! 👀

You guys can guess tho in the comments!

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Built a context menu today! 🌟

Thought it will be tough but it wasn't.

Super happy w it its capabilities. ⚡️

My favorites are that it can add avatar, basic shapes and text.

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How @postdrips can survive competition of @TaplioHQ , @typefully , @buffer & many others.

I'm nervous. Help me.

I need to pivot or die.

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I built a really unique feature! 🌟

Watch this video!

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Shipped a new feature on @contentdrips

Now you can save your brand gradients!

True story!

9 months ago I paid $100 to someone to build a feature .

This guy wrote three separate functions & total 135 lines of spaghetti code.

Today I asked ChatGPT to code the same feature.

It gave me that exact same thing in just 42 lines.


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Get this domain for FREE!

i had an idea of starting a service where people can buy memes for their startup. a service business.

if you feel like you can make it happen.

drop a comment on why you're right person for this project?

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I want to add purchase parity thingy on @contentdrips any tools for it?

I'm building something new! Make a guess.

More details to come soon!

I'm building embeddable version of @contentdrips.

Integrate fully or specific types of templates.

Would be integrating it on @postdrips first & then would love to offer it to other tools like @ContentStudioio, @hypefury, @TweetHunterIO etc

DMs are open!

Excited to release this new update on @contentdrips

Now Contentdrips templates will be limited & exclusive. Unique templates that only you own.

Plus bunch of user experience improvement.