Paddle is not mentioned on the landing page of Rewardful.

But I've read on Twitter that it's supported.

Thanks community! 🙌

Let's get started.
How to stay motivated on your side projects

📣 Share your progress with #buildinpublic
👥 Create a beta tester group and ask to join
⭐️ Build the most valuable parts first
📦 Ship early and small
🤝 Get feedback from the users
🥳 Celebrate even the smallest wins
@JannisBetschki I like the idea a lot!

Nice that you put it online even if it's unfinished.

This is #buildinpublic
I wrote an article about my personal interpretation of building in public, and how I nurtured my following via DMs

📖 #buildinpublic…
@ImSh4yy Thanks Shayan! 🙌

Here's the answer, mainly Twitter due to the #BuildInPublic activities I'm constantly doing 😊
@maciekChmura Nice design!

Keep up the good work.

And do #buildinpublic we want to see your progress 😉
@MeetKevon Absolutely yes!

I'm pretty sure there are lot of businesses out there willing to leverage your audience.

#buildinpublic is such an amazing tool for networking.
@nickfrosty Thanks for sharing your setup Nick!

I also added some other columns, like lists and tags (#buildinpublic) because the main timeline can be overwhelming and I miss a lot of good content.
Before then, I was mainly using Twitter #BuildInPublic as the main source of traffic.

I decided to try Google Ad as a way to attract new users to @HivoeHQ

Because there are a few competitors around the keywords Twitter DMs / Engagement.
I'm trying out @vercel Pro for my SaaS today.

I need to check if the Serverless Functions cold start time decreases or not.

It seems just a bit better 🤔

🚨 Preview Feature Announcement 🚨

I'm adding to @HivoeHQ full-text search to all your Twitter DMs 🤩

You can finally find that valuable conversation you had in the past.

This feature is currently in preview, so if you want to try it out, DM me 😉

The blog of hivoe .com is live 🎉

I posted two blogposts, and the Paddle one is still a bit on draft, I'll complete it in the next few days.

Time to work on SEO 😉

⏱ I've been using my own product for 3 months

✉️ ~1000 Welcome messages sent via DMs in 3 months
📈 57% of the people replied back

What I learned by reaching people through DMs 🧵

On @HivoeHQ I noticed that most of the users saved the Welcome Message DM, but did not activate it.

This little UI trick, fixed that! 🚀

I made more evident the status through a red color (disabled).

Once activated, it becomes green 🚦

Recently, my preferred SQL client is @getarctype

Userfriendly, and I like the possibility to create dashboards to visualize my data.

You can even share them with a public link (perfect for #buildinpublic 😎)

Well done team! 🙌
~20% is the Sign Up Conversation rate of the new landing page of @HivoeHQ

It looks good to me 💪

What's a good rate in your opinion? 🤔 #buildinpublic
@igorperep Here I am Igor!

I'm doing #buildinpublic for my product @HivoeHQ

Automated Direct Messages for Twitter:

👋 New followers welcome message
✉️ DM cold outreach
@jryankennedy Hey Jordan! 👋

I'm doing #buildinpublic for my #SaaS @HivoeHQ
And posting content about web development 👩‍💻🧑‍💻

Nice to meet you 😉
@HivoeHQ Next steps on @HivoeHQ:

🔸 Rebuild the landing page
🔹 Add a welcome email