Change of Plans! 🔁

I posted a tweet yesterday asking for beta testers for my new product...

But I decided to do something else! Thanks to feedback from @MeetKevon 😊

Instead, I'm offering free profile audits 🔥

Let me explain why I made this #buildinpublic move:
Last week, I had a list of <5 entrepreneurs for my audience chats project.

Today, I have 15 people.

Here's what changed and what I learned 👇🏻 #buildinpublic
I felt stuck and overwhelmed with a project...

My 'Audience Chats' Project

I thought I was missing an outreach process...

But then I realized, I had it all along.

Let me share what I mean 👇🏻 #buildinpublic
I just launched my new website! 🎉

I finally have a website I feel confident in.

I'm going to write #buildinpublic tweets to deconstruct why I made certain decisions over the next week! (next tweet)

Would love to hear your thoughts:
In the spirit of #buildinpublic @buildinpublic_

I'm going to be writing about the changes I'm making to my personal website.

Throughout this university term, I've learned a lot. Now I need to take all that learning and put it into action.
December Update of Building my Personal Brand

Here is my first thread about my goal of building my personal brand.

I decided to compile what I've learned so far to commit to #buildinpublic.

I don't have many results to show, but I know patience is key.