Instagam is for trends 📈
Tiktok is for dance reels 💃
Twitter is for bots and buildinginpublic 🤖
Linkedin is for Cringe 😬

What are you using the new Meta app for?

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Happy to connect with fellow Indie developers, founders and #buildinpublic community.
That's some Limewire shit. Where people would download Limewire Pro via Limewire 🙃

ChatGPT was Giving Away Free WORKING Microsoft Office Keys 😂


#openai #chatgpt #buildinpublic… via @YouTube
And as @awesomesocialio Launch comes to an end on @ProductHunt

Humbled and Greatful for all the support 🙏

Thanks to all the lovely and supportive folks who upvoted us ❤️.

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⚡ Product Hunt Launch Update ⚡

🥇 # 28 on Product Hunt (so far)
👍 42 Upvotes (so far)
❤️ From all of you!

Let's aim for 100 👍 Upvotes

Would love your support 🙏…

#buildinpublic #buildinginpublic #ProductHunt…
We are Live on @ProductHunt 😻

🥇 # -- on Product Hunt (so far)
👍 21 Upvotes (so far)
❤️ From all of you!

Upvote 👉…

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We are live on @ProductHunt TODAY.

Awesome social is a

• 📅 Social Media Scheduling
• 💬 Social Inbox
• 👋 Hey-bio…

We'd LOVE your support and votes 🙇‍♂️

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I took a break from Twitter last week.

I felt like the development side needed more of my time.

I also took time off from gym to focus on dev side.

Would it still be considered taking time off or just simply ignoring?

Anyone else feeling same? 😅

#buildinpublic #indidev
Building a business in public can be hard at times. Who's been your go-to person for support and mentorship?

Tag them below 👇 #buildinpublic #supportsystem #entrepreneurship
Are you building in public but feeling stuck?

Reach out to our community and get the support you need to keep going 👇

Under 200 followers? 🤔

Building something? 🛠️

Introduce yourself and your product below 👇, and tell us why we should follow you!

Btw, If you provide a link to your project, I'll personally go through each and every one and give honest feedback #buildinpublic
So what are you all building?

Share with the community what you are working on right now?👇👇

#buildinpublic #saas #indiehackers
Building in public is all about being vulnerable and authentic. It's not always easy, but it's worth it. #buildinpublic #saas #indiehackers 🧵
When you've been coding all night and finally fix that elusive bug. #buildinpublic #SAASFounder #ProductDevelopment
Life of a Startup founder:

- From a 9-5 to a 24/7 ⏰
- From a cushy salary to ramen heaven 🍜
- From stable job with benefits to work 100 hours a week for the chance to make minimum wage 💰

but at least I'm living the dream, right?' 😂 #startuplife #buildinpublic
Question for all Indi hackers?

Which platform has worked well for you in promoting your startup?🚀 #buildinpublic #indiehackers
I am looking for some recommendations to follow founders that are building in public.

Who would you recommend?👇

#buildinpublic #ai
I am looking for some recommendations to follow founders that are building in public.

Who would you recommend?👇