Let's do some cross marketing for our projects🥳

What are you working on?👇#buildinpublic
In love with this new feature! 😍

Now when registering people will be able to choose a signature avatar based on their name⚡️

I failed both of my product hunt launches...🥲

..launched accidentally, server went down, got 1 star review

BUT somehow it still turned out well in the end🥳

So I decided to make a video to help you learn from my mistakes 👉

I failed at both of my product hunt launches🥲

..launched accidentally, server went down, got 1 star review

BUT somehow it still turned out well in the end🥳

So I made a video about it, that you learn from my mistakes👇

Just made the stupidest mistake a developer could make....🤦‍♂️

I added a profile picture to my extension, BUT I forgot to make it dynamic. So for a whole week all users saw my picture instead of their own.

I always wanted to be a star but not like this🥲🤣

Which comment style do you prefer?🤔

This week I...

🎉 got positive feedback from mentors/investors
💼 almost added teams feature for b2b
🧑‍💻 in process of hiring next.js dev
💸 in process of hiring leads automation expert
🔴 fixed 4 important bugs
🔧 improved architecture by adding shadow DOM

👨‍💻Last 3 days I have been working hard on adding team mode to Beep.

Soon you will be able to add teammates👯:
- see all of their tasks
- beep them faster
- see who is online, who is not

The UI of most chrome extensions sucks. I am trying to make mine feel like a fun to use app rather than a boring add-on.

#buildinpublic #ux
Last two weeks of progress with Beep:

⚡️ got funds to speed up the building/sales process
💸contacted potential hires to help with b2b sales
👨‍💻 planning to get additional dev on the team
🧪planned another round of user tests

🔥401 installs in February for my chrome extension
🤠286 weekly users last week
the only issue is I don't know where these people are coming from....😂 #buildinpublic
Beep just received a fundraising offer🤩

My initial plans:
- hire 2 people with the funds received
- get mentorship in B2B sales

(if you have experience in b2b sales dm me)

Working on the new landing page...👇

What was the first money you made online?

I will start👇

Working on some assets for Beep's landing page😌

It shows that you can easily communicate through different pages by tagging your teammates.⚡️

Created yesterday in After Effects. #buildinpublic
How do you make your landing page more interesting? 🤔

Recently I started working on my landing page for Beep and discovered these animated illustrations from Icons8🤩

Definitely using them! Thought this could be useful for you guys!

30 websites to get funding, mentorship and network for your startup👇

🤩First revenue from chrome extensions

I have been making full time living with various online projects for a long time now, but this is my first money from chrome extension.

Feels good! #buildinpublic
🤩A beautiful scrollbar I recently added to Beep. It blends with any page and fades away the comments on scroll to make the experience seamless.

🧐What is even more important, it shows all of your and team's comments in one place and lets you easily manage them.

🤩282 installs in 13 days since the launch of my AI extension "Second Brain"

- 120 came from Product Hunt
- 50 from my twitter activity
- 112 organic growth