In the last two weeks I have been at 2 startup pitching events. I guess at this point presenting to investors will be half of my life🤣

Today I taught chatGPT something new.

Humans 1-0 AI 💪

It is not all lost yet...

My new favorite coworking place 😄

For some reason, working during a startup pitch event feels amazing

Pitching in one hour! Wish me luck😉

Will release a video of a full event as a startup vlog on my Youtube channel. Make sure to sub 🔥

Last few weeks a lot has happened in my #buildinpublic journey👇

- Raising $160k
- Facing scammer devs
- Finding a big bug
- Preparing for pitch day

Good thing you can watch most of it as a vlog🙂
The evolution of team productivity is here! 🚀

We made a short fun promo video for Beep! What do you think? 🤔

made by @roberto_beep for @just_beep_it

Just got my Estonian e-residency. It is time to open the company and start the fundraising process 😉

Beep is getting more features so I had to figure out a way to have 4 tabs in this small window. What are your thoughts on this animation?🤔

#buildinpublic #uidesign
One of the biggest issues when you work on the site is keeping track of all the:

✏️design changes
🔴bug fixes
👨‍💻feature updates

With Beep you can add all the notes on the screen and share them with anyone with one link, tell me this is not amazing...🤩

There is one crazy thing I am sure 99% of builders don't do...🤯 User Interviews...

Be honest, how many user interviews have you done?

You know what is the best thing about #buildinpublic?!🔥

Thank you @codrincobzaru for getting on a call with me and sharing your feedback about Beep!
What is your biggest fear when it comes to being an entrepreneur?🫤

This is surreal to me 🤩

In October I had 101 impressions and was thinking "Is twitter even worth it?..."

7 months later trying to promote Beep and grow on Twitter I reached 252k tweet impressions

Thank you guys for finding my content valuable❤️

4x less tweets but 4x more tweet impressions?🤔

🔥Giving away free UX/UI review of your product/landing page

Drop the product's link and short description below👇

Easiest way to share visual tasks is this🤩

With our recent update you can copy link to any comment you create on the site and share it with anyone

#buildinpublic #getBeep
@olenabomko Best channel so far has been my content on twitter and the #buildinpublic community. We are also planning to do the same on Linkedin and cold emails. Lets see what works😄
Just passed 1500 followers who follow my #buildinpublic journey.

And all with just being honest and sharing all the success and failure I had along the way

Thank you guys❤️
I spend $1k on Twitter ads and so far the results are not that great...😕

If you had a few thousand dollars to promote your product, what would you do?

If you had $5k to advertise your project, how would you spend it?