Rework the tagline, and the call to action šŸ¤“ #buildinpublic
Asked Chat GPT what I should add to my landing page and working on improving it šŸ¤“ #buildinpublic
Would you do blogs for SEO at the beginning? With what platform? šŸ¤“ #buildinpublic
Finally able to handle validations for the signup form. Between work and the World Cup, it's tough to find time šŸ˜… #buildinpublic
No great progress today, still working on the sign up page šŸ§‘ā€šŸ’»#buildinpublic
At the moment, there is just a landing page made with Carrd What would you recommend for a website with the possibility to blog for SEO purposes? #buildinpublic šŸ‘€
Was able to add it today and discoveredā€¦ to have a wrapper for Axios. There are also a lot of utilities to quickly add to a Vue App, may add one in the future šŸ‘€ #buildinpublic
The next step is to add Axios for the communication between the front end and the backend šŸ§‘ā€šŸ’»
Render & Github really speed up things to have an app that can be deployed! #buildinpublic
Connection established with the Postgres DB with knex. I was stuck for a while but learned that '?ssl=true' was needed in the connection string šŸ˜… #buildinpublic
Data modeling. It's a draft. Don't say no to paper āœļø #buildinpublic
Starting to do some work on the DB. PgAdmin is not the most intuitive tool šŸ˜“ #buildinpublic
With Postgres, you'll need this, so let's install it. Free, by the way #buildinpublic šŸ§‘ā€šŸ’»
Backend development started šŸ§‘ā€šŸ’» Render has been selected to host it. Works like a charm!

@bip_so @mike_tempest Nothing is totally safe, so I want to build HookPass to capture any webhooks and store them reliably. That way, it can ensure to deliver all of them, acting like an actual safety net for your apps. #buildinpublic
A better thing if you start from your own project template, is to keep them up to date šŸ˜… #buildinpublic
To build fast, don't start a project from scratch, reuse as much as possible, that is what will be used to build hookPass šŸ§‘ā€šŸ’» #buildinpublic
Outbound Webhooks are used to send data to external services.

But sometimes, they can have an outage, thus not reacting to any webhook.

No more misses with HookPass thanks to build-in retries!šŸ¤“ #buildinpublic
Inbound Webhooks are a way to trigger actions within your own system.

HookPass will allow you to make them reliable with logging and build-in retries šŸ¤“ #buildinpublic