Day 1/n
Alright it's Thanksgiving weekend. I have 4 days to jumpstart a #nocode project. I'm starting from nothing here: no idea, no specific platform, no constraints. What should I #buildinpublic?
My recent interview on @nocodeexits (by @kattrisen) gave me some serious munchies for a #buildinpublic hobby no-code side project. You might be seeing a "Day 1/n" post from me soon.
1-week update on Growth Notes:

I now have more paying subscribers than I do posts.

I don't...
β€’ have a custom domain
β€’ have a logo
β€’ have an email sequence
β€’ have a pricing page

I DO focus on quality & use tiered pricing to build momentum

This has to be the ultimate #buildinpublic post. It's literally my stream of consciousness as I think on paper about which path I should commit to for the next year.
Spoiler: I do commit to a path in the end.…
Btw - if you want to read my last 10 days towards 10 years post (3 weeks overdue) here it is:…
Going to start a video series called "Prompt Engineer" showing how to properly set up prompts in #GPT3 to get good/appropriate results. This is by far the biggest struggle people have with the API and arguably the most important part of the tool. πŸ‘‡

- be brutally honest
- be vulnerable
- share even small progress
- do it both for promotion AND community
- celebrate others who are doing the same
- share your progress on a small project or a feature build in one thread
- you have to tweet a lot to get traction

It has been one week since I soft launched my GPT3 + Bubble app tutorial.

3 Tweets
10 Sales

Not bad.

Posted to @IndieHackers today. Next step: post to hacker news 😬…

#buildinpublic #NoCode #gpt3
I've updated the coming soon page to show that the course is live. Next step is creating an SEO optimized site for GPT3 Courses. Right now I have a really good chance at establishing my site as a leader in this space since there are so few.
I just finished the GPT3 + Bubble tutorial!!! πŸŽ‰ Now time to go back through and...
1. make sure everything is formatted properly
2. fix typos
3. delete any identifying info
4. clean up the demo app to share it

Here's the final breakdown of the chapters.

#buildinpublic #gpt3
I spent 6.5 hours trying to solve the problem of showing the correct widget data in the correct website. The best part is that 3 hours of that was spent not realizing that the reason it wasn't showing was because I had no data in the live environment πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ
88hrs to go
Next steps: while I wait to figure out the current problem, I'll build out a dash (header, login flow, settings, etc). Do you think I should go with a traditional look or a funky look?

94.5 hours to go
#buildinpublic #builtin100hours
Finished the third chapter today: Call the API from the Bubble workflow. It's been going slower than I'd like, but making progress nonetheless. Next up: Show the data on the frontend.

93 hours to go.

Sometimes you just have to troubleshoot for hours. But man the high you feel when that little thing finally works is unlike anything else.
(I'm building a website widget with no code! It's exhilarating stuff lol)
I had a couple people ask me for my personal website code (even tho it's pretty basic) so I created a template for free use. Guys, it's REALLY bare bones, but if you want literally the most minimalistic personal website this is it. #buildinpublic…
I initially was going to create a video course, and I still might, but to start I'm playing to my strengths and creating a step-by-step written tutorial. It'll be easy to navigate in a Notion document.
95.5 hours to go.
#buildinpublic #builtin100hours
For the bubble + gpt3 nocode course, I bought the domain bc I figured I'll probably create other gpt3 courses as well. What more do you want to learn about #gpt3?
My next project will be a course on how to build a GPT3 app on @Bubble using #nocode. You'll learn how to:
- set up API calls
- set dynamic settings values
- implement content filter
- gpt3 settings work
- show data on frontend
Alright I'm gonna crowdsource this one. What do you think I should work on next? #buildinpublic
I'm not feeling this project. It feels forced and not intuitive. My #1 rule for this is that I have to wake up looking forward to building. I'd rather pivot quickly than linger, so I'm moving on to something else. Gonna take a minute to think about what's next πŸ™ƒ #buildinpublic