Finally converted my @bubble app into a chrome extension! πŸŽ‰

I called it SimpleTask, a no-fluff to-do list app!

Thanks to @Shankar_19 for helping me edit the error I had on the JSON file. 🀝

#buildinpublic #NoCode #builtonBubble
Excited to work with @IlzeSvarcbaha and @peter_kow for our version of Tinder for Co-founders! 🀩

Day 74 of #100DaysOfNoCode

Today I set up the landing page for my wiki in @notionhq!

Finally I organised my ideas in a better way πŸ˜…
I didn't see the mistake on my @gumroad's page when I was editing it but having a 2nd look after relaxing your mind, you'll begin to see the errors.

Just edited my landing page again and tweak some minor details for the ebook.

Finally submitted my entry for the challenge πŸ™ƒ

Time to enjoy my weekend!

still have a lot to learn tho...

#NoCode #100DaysOfNoCode #buildinpublic
I updated my personal page and use

Check it out πŸ‘‰

#NoCode #buildinpublic
I almost regret choosing info product for the build challenge of #100DaysOfNoCode

But once you wrote your first paragraph the ideas will start flowing!

It's not yet finished but I'll appreciate any feedback for this!

#buildinpublic #LeadGen
a litte bit late for my Day 16 of #100DaysOfNoCode

We can choose from an info product, directory, apps, etc. I chose to create an info product this time πŸ™Œ

Here are the chapters that will be included on the ebook

Let's go! πŸš€

#buildinpublic #LeadGen
Finally understood the difference between many to one and one to many data relationship.

Recorded my task app below where a user can add comments and tag multiple users from a single task

Excuse the UI design - not there yet πŸ™ƒ
#NoCode #buildinpublic…