🚀 It's time to declutter my mind and streamline my focus. I'm throwing away all my incomplete ideas and embracing the power of one. From now on, I'll dedicate to a single idea until it's done. No distractions, no excuses. Gotta make magic happen! 💪✨ #BuildInPublic
#buildinpublic gang, how do you score your ideas 💡???

I'm struggling with it and would like to connect for help and brainstorm
I started off trying to get tweets from accounts for learning purpose. I now have about 0.2 million tweets 🤪 on a sqlite database

Feels like a good weekend

What do I do next? suggestions please :)
#weekendprojects #buildinpublic
@maxecc Has the #buildinpublic bubble burst? I'm just getting into it 🥹
Twitter, I am scraping tweets today of a few interesting influencers. I will eventually build a searchable archive.
Interested? if yes, please leave a reply

#weekendprojects #buildinpublic