how #buildinpublic can be good for you πŸ‘‡
3 serious benefits of building in public I’ve discovered:

1. Immediate validation. Redirects your focus towards what matters.

2. Less self-doubt. You worry less about what others think.

3. Less stress about the launch. Everything you’re doing is already out there.
Hangout with @csakon @robertodigital_ @thisissukh_,
Wednesday 10am CST

βœ… #buildinpublic 2023
βœ… SEO and Programmatic SEO
βœ… Generative AI for NoCode startup marketing…
wow! 300k in 2.5 months! #buildinpublic
✨ Made $300,000+ with AI in the last 2.5 months w/ +

Started 77 days ago!

🦾🀝😊 Thanks robots
One of my failures this year was
i couldnt make it work
Should I give it one more try with πŸ‘‡
@goblin_tech_ @saastrash - still #buildinpublic mode..
(almost done and sending out the activations from the waitlist slowly this month)
hat tip @goblin_tech_ for the shout out!
Other founders motivate me with their #buildinpublic updates πŸ”₯
- which founders motivate you? (share so that others can follow) - I'll start:
Please keep sharing your app updates and code life. It motivates me.
taking VC money is more of a curse than an opportunity.
tbh, you are better off spending 2 years working 2 jobs to save enough money for your startup .. than pitching/raising 2 year with only half the money, and 10% less of your company.
#buildinpublic #nocode
working on better security features on
#buildinpublic - sign up/registration flow is still weaksauce
This is why you should #buildinpublic.. easiest way to pave the runway, build momentum, and nurture traction
No one is going to steal your startup idea because it's not worth anything and they're too busy copying already successful businesses.
Totally messed up last week... i was working on a #buildinpublic project called - a deal site to discover indie SaaS makers.. - but i totally slacked off
*Execution Is HaAaard*
a very sad solo-founder #buildinpublic story - that's probably not gonna end the way this founder thinks it will
really great solo-founder #buildinpublic story .. worth your 2 mins
Introducing the new and improved

It's a database of 1M+ available one-word domain names for your next startup idea πŸ’‘

Fun fact: I found @dubdotsh's name on here πŸ˜„