Building with no code might be the better option. I can even deploy the code that will add payments to CanvasAI.

CanvasAI's marketplace is filling out nicely. But i need some help.

Option 1: Same height, squares


Option 2: Various heights.

Also if you want your AI generated art on CanvasAi marketplace please send me the image and price.

Dang, looks like I gotta get a new phone to #buildinpublic on Threads. I'll wait until the Pixel 8 is released. Y'all save a spot for me in the meantime.
Calling all Generative AI Art Creators!

I'm launching CanvasAI with a marketplace and would like to host your AI-generated masterpieces!

If you're interested in adding your art to CanvasAI email me at [email protected] with the image and price.

If you're using Firebase for your project's backend, & you want your users to share data only with specific users. Here's the security rule that will allow them to do so without compromising on security.

Numbers don't lie! I never look my analytics (my ego 😅), but when you make it look this amazing like @heyolivehaus BawkBox 🐓, I can't resist. Thanks for changing my mindset.

My 1st full month on twitter report card is in & I'm not satisfied. Goal: 5x Aug. 1st

I need help,

How many steps should a checkout flow have?

I'm thinking 3:
Add to cart -> Checkout -> Place order

Last 2 days has been hectic and tragic but was able to put in some meaningful work on CanvasAI today.

One step a day will get you there eventually. Make sure you know what to do when you do get there.

Level up your Firebase security game with #SecurityRuleSaturday! 🛡️

Enable public access to documents like a pro by simply adding a boolean field to the doc called "is_public."


Note: Remember to set your security rules accordingly!
I want to get my hands on some older family photos but right now I only have some Baby pics of me from '94 to test with CanvasAI

You can see it improves the face and enhances the pen ink lines someone drew on it.

Still have a lot of work to do!

I just learned a 7 hour lesson.

#buildinpublic Day 28: Sometimes documentation doesn't help!
#buildinpublic Day 27: I had high hopes to release the CanvasAI MVP today, but it needs a little more time. Don't worry, I'm working hard to make it worth the wait! The waiting list is open for anyone interested in joining the CanvasAI community at
They just don't want me to win 😞

#buildinpublic Day 25: Today has been eventful woke up early to work on CanvasAI cause I been outside with my cousins all day.

I cherish these moments!
#buildinpublic Day 24: Excited to unveil the official logo for the upcoming CanvasAI Launch! Plus, You can now join the waitlist! Feel free to hop on board and be part of my journey.
With knowledge comes great pivots!💡