Before launching @crowdpartyapp, the best feature we whipped up last minute was a feedback modal that would show up on the player's screen after a game

It's been really insightful to see our users' responses

😆 Here's a fun one from today:

Week 2 of my new schedule

📣 Marketing Mondays
💬 Talk to Customer Tuesdays
👨🏽‍💻 Writing Code Wednesdays
🤔 Thoughtful Thursdays
💳 Finance Fridays

What does your weekly schedule look like?

Doneso! What do you all think?

FYI, for the more interested: I’m using React Motion, it’s been such a pleasure to work with! 😍

#buildinpublic #react #code
No Photoshop, no After Effects? No problemo!

Check out a small promo videoette I created with code + QuickTime Screen recording:

Done with setting up @crowdpartyapp 's separate and dedicated corporate instance!

Wow, that was quite the day!

Just listened to How to Launch (Again and Again) by @KatManalac on the @startupschool podcast

Wow! Such great insights!

I just sent 3 cold e-mails to blog and content authors!
Wish me luck! 🙏

@crowdpartyapp just reach 100 registered users! 🥳

I know I know, 100 ain’t much. But here’s the thing: registration is completely optional!

Should I make registration mandatory for creating rooms? What’re your thoughts?

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Ran a focus group for two of our upcoming @crowdpartyapp games today! Went quite well! Excited to unravel the feedback tomorrow with a fresh mind!

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