2 days to planned launch of #shipnix

✅ Touch up UI of server provider credential manager
✅ Validate that a DigitalOcean access token is valid, or else do not allow updating it
✅ Make the consequenses of deleting DO credentials very visible and require password

3 days to launch of #shipnix

✅ Fix up Stripe webhook logic for cancellation & failed payments
✅ Add styling to Billing page
✅ Use standard Stripe proration instead of "prorate instantly", so switching from annual to monthly won't lead to enormous refund 💸

✅ Create self-serviced flow so users can upgrade NixOS image to current version

Only visible for users at 23.05 launch, but was nice opportunity to fix now 🙂

4 days to planned launch of #shipnix

Brain is a bit fried, but I think I should be able to make it 😁

5 days to launch of #shipnix

✅ Move Stripe testing to stage and test cancellation in production-like environment
✅ Build 22.11 DigitialOcean image and verify creating servers still works
✅ Make flow to set current supported NixOS version in admin dashboard

Another day of working towards the deadline!

✅ Developed constraints for all tiers
✅ Make it possible to change plans whenever and get prorated if downgrading plan through Stripe customer portal

6 days to launch of #shipnix and it seems I am on schedule 😀

What type of community interaction should a service for managing/provisioning NixOS servers on DigitalOcean have?

Slack? Discord? IRC? Matrix? Discourse? Just email?

Successfully create github repo and load code into version control while server is provisioning.

Dealing with http requests, shell commands and database transactions and make them safely fit is challenging, even in Haskell 😓

1 week until planned public release

Work in progress: Form option to create Github repo as automated part of server provisioning. View part finished today.

Was planning on doing it later, but necessary for enforcing open source plan conditions.

Luckily very convenient for all plans 👌

The entire staff of shipnix got covid so expected launch has been moved to December 7th 💙 #buildinpublic
Make quota restriction of amount of NixOS servers for Open Source and Hobby tier

The commercial tiers can create and manage unlimited amount of servers

In progress: Final big boss task before Shipnix launch 👺

Adding Stripe integration for the paid plans and locking/unlocking features according to the current tier

✅ Finish first draft of shipnix docs. Will be using the next two days to fix typos and try to improve readability.

After this, I will use all my energy towards opening shipnix to the public by December 1st 🥰

✅ Finish first draft of SSH docs for #shipnix

Documenting is hard work, but satisfying 😄

Write more documentation and add syntax highlighting to docs #shipnix #buildinpublic
Nothing quite finished today.

Writing docs and also exploring how to differentiate between staging and a production environment in configuration.nix in a pure way

#shipnix #buildinpublic
✅ Introduction/get started part of the docs done #shipnix #buildinpublic
✅ Make an outline for everything I should document befor release. Also build my own doc generator so I can get things my way.

Got tired of looking for doc generators, feel like they all are too heavily engineered, so just made my own with eleventy 😊

#buildinpublic #shipnix
✅ Add link to I made yesterday in dashboard and landing page.

Otherwise having a chill day today.

Will only and write documentation, and update #shipnix IHP version to 1.0 #buildinpublic
Now colorizing works as expected! The highest ranked feature(s) will always have the darkest green,next highest lightest green etc

It's raw and simple, but a fully functional public roadmap built and shipped in under 24 hours with #shipnix 😀 A great field test!