Feels like the right next thing to try.

The open source plan had some baggage and poor added UX because of limitations like enforcing Github.

By offering a proper plan for free, I can get the info I need: Does Shipnix have market fit?

Beep! We have made the former "Hobby" plan the free offering πŸ₯³

You can now manage one private server for free with Shipnix, no credit card required and Github integration no longer required πŸš€
Starting to get productive again after workation jetlag

Working on @shipnixio as before

βœ… Write IHP Cloud migration guide
βœ… Build queues - no more racing builds
βœ… More info and actions on build-event page

Applied this technique on Shipnix, having my staging server do double duty as a test env and CI

It's so good!

Instead of building tens of thousands of lines of Haskell, Elm and JS libs twice, I do it once.

Deployment to production w migrations now takes 30 secs

Did you know your NixOS machines can automatically share packages with each other? 🀯

Doing it over SSH lets you share builds privately. This *significantly* speeds up deploys in production 😎

We have now documented this technique in detail β™₯️…
βœ… Add some questions and answers to FAQ based on user and message board commentator feedback :)

βœ… Add some questions and answers to FAQ based on user and commentator feedback :)

βœ… Add some questions and answers to FAQ based on user and spectator feedback :)

βœ… Created a new starter in @shipnixio for those who would like to easily host their own Mastodon instance instead of joining an existing one

Instructions in the docs:…

There's now a new starter available in the Shipnix library 😎

Read the docs on how to easily set up your own instance with NixOS:…
OWASP weekend for @shipnixio seems to be a success!

βœ… Push MFA to production
βœ… Send security event email to users when MFA is disabled, enabled and when a backup code has been used to log in
βœ… Shorter lived login session to comply with OWASP recommendations

Will try another tagline on the landing as "NixOS web hosting for everyone" seemed to attract negative feedback by hobbyists who are not really the target audience

Having a merry OWASP weekend with @shipnixio

βœ… MFA with TOTP
βœ… Generate backup codes so users can recover if missing authenticator
βœ… Brute-force protection on failed MFA attempts with 1hr account lock

Thorough testing on sunday, publish to production monday

βœ… A little touch-up on the public roadmap I made for @shipnixio a while a ago, and start to use it to display what features I am working on
βœ… Develop TOTP with Crypto.OTP, but have not implemented it in the web app yet

Been working around the clock the last days. Dust is starting to settle

βœ… Made separate Github Oauth flows to give users more control on what they share with Shipnix
βœ… Fix lots of stuff from feedback

Priorities now: pizza & sleep, then figure out 2FA/ TOTP

A little spike in traffic thanks to Hackernews front page

It's nerve-wrecking having lots of strangers reacting both badly and kindly to something I have worked on for so long, but I'm sure this builds character πŸ˜„

#shipnix launch date tomorrow 😱

βœ… Automated backups when changing environment variables
βœ… Add Plausible analytics
βœ… Automated DB backups to S3 storage
βœ… SEO/OG tags
βœ… Lots of minor fixes

Will do intense testing until late this evening

2 days to #shipnix launch

βœ… Finally get to the point where I feel that Shipnix works as I want it to work

Pulled late-nighter and plowed through critical tasks and bugs

Only remains activating Stripe on production and some minor stuff before launch on monday

3 days to #shipnix launch

βœ… Improve reliability of error handling by eliminating exceptions on builds
βœ… Make errors stand out for better debugging

Pulling a late-nighter to try to get free time in the weekend so I can just open the gates on monday

4 days to #shipnix public launch

βœ… Get mentioned on @HaskelInterlude podcast 😍
βœ… Add logo and adjust color scheme
βœ… Give the landing page some love
βœ… Write a public security policy because I think it will be important for trust by high value customers

5 days to NEW launch date of #shipnix

βœ… Get logo from Fiverr logo maker. Not 100% sure yet, but think I like it
βœ… Fix bugs in migration flow, solved by deleting more code than I added πŸ‘Œ
βœ… Let users review and modify environment variables before migration

Hi! I'm moving #shipnix release date to monday

This gives me some time to prepare the landing page, do rigorous testing and fix a couple of remaining bugs

I don't think rushing is necessary when a few extra days will make launch a bit smoother

*Planned* launch of #shipnix is tomorrow

βœ… Test Stripe integration with 'test clock' to travel in time and trigger events
βœ… Cancellation and failed payments now works as expected πŸŽ‰

It is very likely I will postpone launch to monday. Will decide tomorrow