Work in progress: Form option to create Github repo as automated part of server provisioning. View part finished today.

Was planning on doing it later, but necessary for enforcing open source plan conditions.

Luckily very convenient for all plans πŸ‘Œ

The entire staff of shipnix got covid so expected launch has been moved to December 7th πŸ’™ #buildinpublic
Make quota restriction of amount of NixOS servers for Open Source and Hobby tier

The commercial tiers can create and manage unlimited amount of servers

In progress: Final big boss task before Shipnix launch πŸ‘Ί

Adding Stripe integration for the paid plans and locking/unlocking features according to the current tier

βœ… Finish first draft of shipnix docs. Will be using the next two days to fix typos and try to improve readability.

After this, I will use all my energy towards opening shipnix to the public by December 1st πŸ₯°

βœ… Finish first draft of SSH docs for #shipnix

Documenting is hard work, but satisfying πŸ˜„

Write more documentation and add syntax highlighting to docs #shipnix #buildinpublic
Nothing quite finished today.

Writing docs and also exploring how to differentiate between staging and a production environment in configuration.nix in a pure way

#shipnix #buildinpublic
βœ… Introduction/get started part of the docs done #shipnix #buildinpublic
βœ… Make an outline for everything I should document befor release. Also build my own doc generator so I can get things my way.

Got tired of looking for doc generators, feel like they all are too heavily engineered, so just made my own with eleventy 😊

#buildinpublic #shipnix
βœ… Add link to I made yesterday in dashboard and landing page.

Otherwise having a chill day today.

Will only and write documentation, and update #shipnix IHP version to 1.0 #buildinpublic
Now colorizing works as expected! The highest ranked feature(s) will always have the darkest green,next highest lightest green etc

It's raw and simple, but a fully functional public roadmap built and shipped in under 24 hours with #shipnix πŸ˜€ A great field test!

Replace the very large info box with a paragraph and a link #shipnix #buildinpublic

I do kind of love the humble aesthetics of unpolished Bootstrap πŸ™‚
Make very primitive page view for each feature for more in-depth description #buildinpublic #shipnix
Actually it was too easy to fix the correct ordering, so I couldn't wait πŸ˜„ I guess it's an actual MVP now.

Will just fix it up with a bit of coloring after dinner!

#shipnix #buildinpublic
βœ… Now actual data is shown on the dashboard and DIE score is calculated #shipnix #buildinpublic

Going to fill up with a bit of food first, and later fix the ordering so we can call this a completed MVP withing 24 hoursπŸ™‚
βœ… Push functionality for actually calculating the DIE score and show the actual data on front page…

#shipnix #buildinpublic
Make conversion functions of enums to ints so they can be calculated.

I guess idiomatic Haskell way would be to use numeric instances, but I found it too much hassle for so little.

So I just made these simple functions.

#buildinpublic #shipnix
Turn enum values very easily into <select> options with `CanSelect` instance. Very little code required in IHP!

I guess enums are a bit frowned upon in some contexts, but they fit really nicely into Haskell/IHP and have not failed me so far.

#buildinpublic #shipnix