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@tdinh_me is a serial entrepreneur, growing to over $20K MRR with tools like @blackmagic_so and @XnapperHQ 🤩

✍️ 3 key takeaways on growing multiple products as an indie hacker:
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🎁 In summary:

- Having a clear value proposition
- Consider lifetime deals at the beginning
- Initial plunge can be hard
- Set deadlines
- Don't be afraid to charge higher as the product grows

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Finally got my initial build for Blots at 😁

For serial Tweet thread-ers who can't be bothered with maintaining a proper blog. Turns tweet threads into markdown blogs!!

Lots of SEO to learn in the meantime 🙂

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Who needs customer feedback??🤮

I'm letting ChatGPT decide my features 🦾

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Being a solopreneur, going out of the comfort zone to get things done is a daily occurrence.

For me, it's:
- Marketing, sales
- More marketing

I can only hope it to be second nature soon, right? 🥲

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Is there something like "Finance 101 for founders & entrepreneurs"?

Severely lack knowledge in this topic and would love to gradually ramp up learning 🙂


What's the best email platform for beginner SAAS?
• Email form (popout, embeddable)
• Customizable notifications and alerts to an email (ex. when new users sign up to a form)

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Just opened the mailing list for!

Excited about this one 💪

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