I was writing a blog on using Slack asynchronously.

Why does it focus on real-time communication when doing so decreases workplace productivity and worker mental health?

There is a need for an async workplace tool. Did anyone make this?

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As an indiemaker, I couldn’t stop noticing how it’s threads .Net and not .com. This must be a side project. He will grow it in public.

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Looking to interview founders building in the space of Artificial Intelligence, especially Generative AI for our publication The focus will be on their product's use case.

If you know someone or building one, please DM me!

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My Applied AI Tools blog is 3 months old. So far I have shared 2 long-form blog posts, ranking for 150+ keywords.

Writing beyond my usual work takes time, but I am happy with the results for far - motivated to post more now and skyrocket this!

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No-code comes platform risks.

That's why I always kept business stack of @merrative away from Bubble (GSuite, ClickUp)

This year I even took marketing stack to HubSpot CMS.

Only community app remains.

Never put all eggs in one basket!

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Took our Jobs With Merrative Google Group to 500 members - ALL FROM TWITTER!

From April will be getting back on the weekly writing opportunity threads and resources 🚀

If case you haven't joined to get notified -

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#HalfDayBuild launch - Applied AI Tools🤓

Guides & Tutorials on using AI tools for real-world applications

✅ 1 yr free domain, 50% off on WordPress Premium thanks to @honey
✅Hired tech writer via @merrative
✅Published 1st blog


Google Domains is cheaper long term.

GoDaddy gives dirt cheap plans for the first year, but their long-term pricing plans are overall much more expensive than Google Domains.

Always cross-check before buying.

Just saw a bunch of VCs post about how startups should start being ‘camels’ in current business environment.

First unicorn, by 2020 it was cockroach, now camel 🤣

What’s next?

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Came across this amazing quote by Steve Jobs today on a LinkedIn comment ❤️

A good reminder for the indie hacker community 😄

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Does anyone know how to get a sitemap from the @gumroad page with a custom domain?

IDK why their support hasn't connected back to me

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Set up my 1st attempt at programmatic SEO with a simple @softr_io & @airtable stack - in only 1 hour!

Now I need to add content - if you're a SaaS in the publishing space, happy to feature you on @merrative's tool page :D

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Thinking of shifting @merrative's blog from Bubble to someplace else. It's been very annoying to upload content there.

Still can't find anything better than WordPress, but Hubspot CMS seems promising. Anyone has used it for their company's blog?

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Building the first hardest (two-sided marketplace) as per this article.

But honestly, the second hardest one described (buyer-user mismatch) seems the hardest to me.

Now I get why EdTech is so hard to crack!…

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Reached 813/1000 subscribers to Media First Brand Newsletter!

I stumbled with my consistency, hence shifting the goal to keep that as a target than no. of readers for 2023:

15 content funnel case studies
30 content marketing examples

Subscribe 👇

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Happiness for an indie maker is - adding a logo you randomly found on Canva to your new side project!

Looking forward to nerd about productivity & automation 🤓

If you're a maker facing productivity issues (like me!), do let me know, and I'll write about it!

I just spent 30 minutes fixing footer responsiveness thanks to my OCD and Wordpress's bad responsive engine to get some mediocre results 🤡

How can makers stop doing this to themselves lol?

Even Musk has shiny object syndrome like us indie makers 😛

Musk’s story shows that no matter how cool something is (rockets, self driving cars, neurotech), you eventually get bored of it.
3 goals for 2023:

1. @merrative is being run solo in a firefighting mode for 2 yrs. This year I will build systems, productize, & automate.

High time I let go of control to grow!🚀

2. Get my new niche site ready for mediavine

3. Grow YT channel to 1000 subs

Finally, I have automated my first repetitive manual task of adding our Google Form responders to the 'Jobs with @merrative' Google Group using @make_hq 🎉

Now, join & get added within 3 hrs to get curated freelance writing opportunities & resources! 👇

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