Started working at 4AM, and good progress so far at 1PM.

Routing, code splitting, UI code organization, state mgmt, fonts and theme setup are all done.

Time to connect the backend, will take some time as I need to rebuild my query/sync engine.

More info ๐Ÿ‘‡

I was heavily using descendant routes with React Router. It has good DX, but leads to poor UX with waterfall network requests.

The ecosystem is also moving into the predefined routes and loaders.

I need figure out a new API for my component based architecture.

All set with Tailwind, it took shorter than expected (Thanks open source!).

I've messed around a bit with the components that gave me most trouble, and results are good.

Now lets connect everything and start preparing the final ui.

Some thoughts ๐Ÿ‘‡

@ASKatona Some hashtags have dedicated followers and community, which helps discovery. Like #buildinpublic
@ayushtweetshere @finereli Iโ€™m excited to see where my experimentation will take me. At least Iโ€™ll add some more data to the collective knowledge pool of the #buildinpublic community.
Ok, need some feedback:

X products in 12 months

Starting something from scratch is way more harder than incrementally updating an existing one for me.

It's hard to give it the initial push to get it moving.

The uncertainty, the unknowns, the doubts...

Good luck to all starters out there!

First product is in the oven!

It's an online certificate builder&manager that allows you to design, send via email, store & verify digital certificates.

It's used by event organizers and educational institutes to create&distribute attendance certificates.


I know I'm still at the beginning of my indie making journey with #buildinpublic, but I ever switch to "guru" mode spewing out wise words all day every day, feel free to give me a good kick.
I'm getting distracted by the possibilities.

I freelanced for 16 years. I could have gotten to where I am today in 6, if only I had learned one thing earlier:

Saying no.

Donโ€™t be me ๐Ÿ™ƒ.

My quick start product template allows me to build a MVP in a few days.

It has authn, authz, users, multi tenancy, payments, email, sms, fils (s3/r2), logging, metrics, feedback, customer support, cli, db mgmt, testing, built in.

Benefits are incredible.


Last few days till the #16in12 begins. Iโ€™ve been busy wrapping up old client projects and getting the tech stuff ready.

Iโ€™ll be building a digital certificate generator first, for small educational orgs. Itโ€™s a project Iโ€™ve built for a client during Covid.

Everyone has their own definition of "indie making", a different reason to take the unbeaten path.

Creating things I want, in the way I want to, when and where I want.

That's my definition.

What I love about Twitter: Tweets are ephemeral.

What I hate about Twitter: Tweets are ephemeral.

Any #buildinpublic people has blogs or newsletters that can be followed from the web?

I would love to read more in depth content about their journeys.
One thing I see usually missing from #buildinpublic community members is focusing on copywriting.

Good copy has the potential to be the rocket fuel that your product needs.

I'm investing a lot of time&resources to get better at it.
Does anyone know any instance focused on indie makers for the-platform-that-should-not-be-named?

DM's welcome.

If you think you can avoid marketing and get users easily by just #buildinpublic, you are "holding it wrong".
NFC Business Cards seems like a good idea on the surface.

You share your contact info directly to the phone as a fully detailed contact card with a simple touch.

I did a successful test run among friends.

Has anyone used it, or seen people using it?

Gearing up for the #16in12 with #buildinpublic. I plan to launch 16 products in 2023.

Goal is the getting into habit of iterating fast.

Plan is to build a product in 2 weeks, and spend a week marketing.

Some thought on why and how: