Basic waitlist website is live:

Top 5 for today:
[ ] Work on basic pitch deck
[ ] Send email to list to recruit waitlist users
[ ] Publish podcast episode
[ ] Schedule podcast episode for Monday
[ ] Review @_imzac's code and update Asana

Customer development is a LONG process. If can feel like you're on a hamster wheel, running endlessly with little to no progress made. That's okay! Spending the time and energy here will save you time and energy later + improve your startups chance of success. #buildinpublic
One great sign that you're on the right track is when people message you and say "can I work for free?". Feeling good and honored :). #buildinpublic
2 weeks ago I realized that my product didn't have a clear vision because I didn't fully understand the problem. I decided to stop coding and start talking to people again. After ~12 calls I'm coding again with a MUCH more clear vision. Excited for what's next. #buildinpublic
I think the hardest part of building a startup is identifying the problem. I'm a bit biased (I already have an audience) but getting crystal clear on the problem to be solved and then figuring out how to communicate that problem has been tough. #buildinpublic
I just enrolled in a Front End Developer cert program from Meta. I learned to code to build my startup but there are gaps in my knowledge. This will make me a better developer, help me build faster, and help me recruit better devs.

Always make time for growth. #buildinpublic
Working on new edit habit / edit journey flows.

Coding music:… #buildinpublic
Love completing my habits each day 😍 #buildinpublic
Working on marketing copy today, need to start building the public website and re-open presales next week. #buildinpublic
Customer interviews are literally the highest value task an early stage start-up can do. I would say even more so than building product. Holy heck did I just get a TON of valuable insight #buildinpublic
Sometimes the best way to fix a bug is to just kill the feature and do something else 🤣

Ain’t got time to waste trying to make something work perfectly when I can just not do the thing, or at least… not in the same way. #buildinpublic
The weird bugs that only pop up in production builds of an app will forever amaze me. That's like if I recorded a whole podcast with no issues and on the playback there were just random noises that didn't exist in real life. #buildinpublic
Shout out to @ycombinator, @visiblehandsvc, and anywhere else I got rejected from. Rejection is a great way to learn that you're not quite there yet.

Genuinely, thank you for the opp and the lesson. Back to grinding. #buildinpublic
Got TestFlight working (finally) and officially started solo testing. Hopefully there aren’t too many bugs and I can roll the test out to pre-sales next week :). Need to start getting some customer interviews scheduled. #buildinpublic
Sometimes “progress” isn’t discernible. That’s what tonight looks like for me.

After what feels like 1,000 attempts to fix my build error I’m no closer to solving it.

Just going to focus on the success of figuring out what doesn’t work. Back at it tomorrow #buildinpublic
Running into silly build errors with EAS -.-

Will have to get it figured out tonight / tomorrow. So close but yet... 🥲 #buildinpublic
I've realized that I don't have a great answer for "where do you see this going?".

I know what I'm building and why it matters but not necessarily what monopoly levels of success would look like. Need to take some time to think. #buildinpublic
I started building out a new version of my app 3 months ago. Originally the goal was to add a new feature but as I worked I realized the product was fundamentally flawed and had to be re-imagined.

I’m finally about to start TestFlight tests on the new version. #buildinpublic
Idk what got into my water or which planets are aligned this week but I have been KILLING IT with coding this product. Crossing more off my list this week than the last month. #buildinpublic