If you share your kids' photos in social media, can it be considered #buildinpublic ? 不
Me on the 1st day of the month: run 100 km and at least 1 half marathon.

Also me on the last day of the month 不不不

#buildinpublic #procrastination #habits
00:47 - family is sleeping, Spotify is playing, perfect time to start coding 不 who else is on the "night shift"? #buildinpublic
My body said "enough" today. For last few weeks I don't sleep much and have a lot on my shoulders. I slept 5h tonight, woke up early, ran some chores, did my 9-5, got back and had to go sleep because I didn't have power to do anything #buildinpublic
Why should I use @tailwindcss for my next project? Bad answers only! #buildinpublic
Wednesday is often called small Friday... Maybe we should #buildinpub instead of #buildinpublic ? 不
I'm still not in love. In fact, I reverted back to the old router, because I bumped into issues with external libs and their limited support... aaaand it slowed me down significantly which is crucial for me right now #buildinpublic #nextjs
Started to play with nextjs new app router. Can't say I'm in love #Nextjs #buildinpublic
Started to play with nextjs new app router. Can't say I'm in love #Nextjs #buildinpublic
Hey #buildinpublic! When you use @PaddleHQ and the invoice is generated for your customer, who is the seller on the invoice that customer receives: your company or Paddle Inc.?
This line took me ~2h of debugging 丹儭 I mistakenly used `NextRequest` instead of `NextApiRequest` which caused weird errors on Vercel whenever I requested a function 仄儭 probably would take me 5 minutes to figure out during the day... late night coding sucks 不 #buildinpublic
Next.js sucks, Laravel sucks, Tailwind, React, Vue, Chakra... yeah you got it, they suck too.

But they are also great! Don't worry about what others say, pick any framework and tech stack you are comfortable with. Pick whatever will get you up and running quick.

Recently I listened @sadek's podcast with Grzegorz Warzecha, founder of It was really insightful, but I was especially hit by one sentence.

#buildinpublic #SaaS #Bootstrap

What is your motivation to share your progress in #buildinpublic? Is it personal growth or simply marketing of your product?
@NickDennin True story! I never liked Twitter, started to look at #buildinpublic few days ago and I sinked in...