Thoughts on renaming "" to ""? The former has created some confusion and I do admit that I didn't do a good job picking the name. Feedback on Twitter helped.
Pls share your thoughts on naming our new social network "fokusly".

Source: "brings focus to social media via focused following of specific profiles in a multi-profile approach". This is to maximize content relevance, primarily.

#buildinpublic #indiehacker #startup

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@gabor @shreyas @Hernandez_A @gabor Would be my privilege to hear what you think of @fokusly. The MVP, with most foundational components like, Auth, follows (multi-profile within the same account), basic search, location service etc. are already built at the API layer most of which used in the Web App-MVP.
@sabakarimm @fokusly is taking social networking/media to a whole another level with multi-profile/persona based approach. You do not follow a user but specific personas of a user. Ex: follow Saba's professional profile but not his "singer" profile ;) or even his personal profile.