Barely made it into the #ProductHunt Newsletter today right along side @clearquery, @WeAreTwine, and @getfunden

Looks like we're rounding out the day at #8 on #producthunt. Great day with so much support coming in. My expectations were low so I consider this a huge win. Onward. Forward. LFG!

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Boom! Just hit 200 upvotes on #producthunt! Appreciate everyone’s support!

Check it out on @ProductHunt yourself if you’re curious 😊…
Big push last night:
Now you can import a list of tasks and leads into assigned.
We’ve also pushed our @zapier connection so you can either trigger assignments or create assignments automatically!

Fixed an issue with payments.
Fixed some styling.

Onward! #buildinpublic
After months of nights and weekend work, I'm proud to say the is live. Now, you can save a ton of time working with people outside your organization!

Step one of many! #buildinpublic
My weekly #buildinpublic update:

🔥 Privately #launched to a select few to collect feedback.
✅ Finished QC
✅ Finished CSS
✅ Fully integrated our first affiliate partner.

This is just the beginning 😉
My weekly #buildinpublic update:

🔥 Initial dev. is done! Still needs some QC & CSS, but we're otherwise ready!
✅ About 80% done with CSS.
✅ Connected with first potential customer and they were stoked! Excited to get started when we're ready.

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Weekly #buildinpublic update:

🔥 This was anAbsolute fire week.
🔥 Reached over 100 waitlisters,
🔥 Demoed staging and we're actually ahead of schedule (last minute changes will make up for that.)
#pricing is figured out.
✅ About 80% of styling is done.
Weekly progress update on:

🔥 Just hit 90 wait listers.
🔥 Revamped the copy on the homepage.
✅ Got Custom Fields working.
✅ Got Featured on two startup websites.
🤨 Still, Lot's of styling fixes left.

But progress is clear!
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Weekly progress update:

🔥 Just hit 75 wait listers for the #beta.
🔥 Kicked off last leg of development.
✅ Sent company update + Survey.
✅ Made new #marketing shots
✅ Finalized Emails…

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My weekly progress update on @pioneerdotapp:

🔥 Big Week! Got out 60th wait lister.
🔥 Secured our first #affiliate partner.
✅ Vertical Specific Landers are done.
✅ Organization Management is done.
✅ 3/4 done with dev! #buildinpublic
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If you frequently send work to people outside your organization (#freelancers, #contractors, or other businesses)...

'Assigned' will speed up your workflow! 💨
Find out more at

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