Today I designed the time blocking view for my todo app. People will write todos that will span 25 mins in the goals view, then schedule these on this page.

Today I'll think about a ui that makes matching times with todos easy.

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I added edit and delete buttons to my todo list, also you can no longer make a finished task undone.

I'm gonna work on the time blocking interface tomorrow.

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I converted the todo prototype into react. Tomorrow I'll do one of
- add firebase
- make it look good
- add subtasks
- find a funny picture of a cow and somehow turn it into a simple svg logo or draw one
- let them delete tasks


#buildinpublic #learninpublic
Low-fidelity design of the todo app I'm gonna start building with @tailwindcss. Even this is made with tailwind.

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Another day of learning tailwind. I learned about breakpoints and states like hover to make a responsive version of yesterday's project.

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Today I took action for the first week of Make Twitter Friends by @MeetKevon, which is about crafting your twitter profile.

Looking forward to meeting new people!
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