@that_igor_ but after the announcement, you have to continue, cause a lot of people start and screw the pooch after a few days

#buildinpublic is about a long-distance run
B2B marketing leaders agree with the opinion we have to invest in brand building, I agree

Thanks @LinkedIn for this survey. Using a piece of your article can help me persuade projects I work with come up with the idea..

.. that they need #buildinpublic
Such stories motivate me to write day by day

Thanks, @Twitter to give such an opportunity to meet leaders online, creators, investors, and founders and work with all them

To learn from them and #buildinpublic
In 2018, I was broke AF.

In 2019, I built a 6-figure business.

In 2020, I grew it to a multi-figure business.

In 2022 and 2023, I’m looking forward to a million!

What’s making this possible?

Tweeting every day.
Twitter - 100%

Thanks to my curiosity, my friend, and my new experience. I've started tweeting about changes in my life in cause to cheer up people like me (march 2022)

But then I started sharing my professional way and development #buildinpublic
What is the app/tool you discovered this year that was a total game changer for you? πŸ‘€
For me, it is Notion 😍