Choosing to #buildinpublic is one of the best decisions I've ever made.

So rewarding to
- see people checking out your work
- get feedback from nice folks
- meet lovely strangers and potentially make friends with them.

Keep on building. 🤟
This week
- Total applies grew 536
- Total views grew 3326

Little job board is growing. Nearly half of the traffic is from #reddit. ☘️

Google search is picking up looks like. Love it!

#seo #buildinpublic
People who are #buildinpublic, or working on your niche site:

how often do you refresh google search console?

Knowing that it only refreshes data every 24 hours.
Once per minute enough?
I am thinking about killing my landing page. It looks boring and redundant. Should I?

#buildinpublic #uxdesign
Company page done!!! Delayed but delivered! Now I have more than 2200 programmatic SEO pages. Let's see what happens next. Here is one example #buildinpublic
Another hot post on Reddit! Tons of feedback again. I like the feedback loop @Reddit provides. #buildinpublic…
Made some changes to job view. Added some colors so it does not look monotonous
#buildinpublic #startup
One major release since launch: posting job is available now. Any feedback is appreciated :-> Hit it here (in desktop 😉) :

#buildinpublic #jobsearch #JobPosting #Recruiting
Just finished going through ~100 comments on my #Reddit post. I got a full load of screenshots about how to make better. I am grateful thinking about people actually went to my site and found out bugs and typed it ALL down. Thank you all!! #buildinpublic
Unbelievable! Never imagined this would happen to a random Reddit post. In 24 hours, my post got
- ~ 2,400 upvotes got
- 6,100 visits
- ~ 22k page views
The word is out! I'm thankful!
#buildinpublic #indiehackers
426 unique visits so far. It quieted down a bit. But at least that many people got to know exists and hopefully they will come back and check again. #buildinpublic
Yesterday I had grand total of 13 visits.
After a hot post on Reddit,
Today I have
- 5,400 visits
- 18,000 page views
- and counting...
It is so surreal.
Thanks to @rrmdp for the inspiring idea. #buildinginpublic #buildinpublic #reddit #startup
Question for people who #buildinpublic and use Ahref, when do you start paying for Ahref?
New look to footer. A wavy shape makes things look much better. What do you think? #buildinpublic #startup #uidesign
It was a cool learning journey for me. There are things I never knew as a developer until I had to do SEO. Hope this will help you too. If you have more tricks, please comment! Would love to hear. #SEO #buildinpublic #jobsearch
Worked more on the search box and ended up making it like Swiss army knife. I hope people who use it find it simple and easy to use. The goal here is after going through all the "tools" in the box, they can well define their jobs and start scrolling. #buildinpublic #uxui
Getting responsive on mobile devices! Looks more bearable now. #responsivewebsite #mobiledevelopment #buildinpublic