@GetTogetherMike @yakshitshh @WrongsToWrite Awwww!!! Thanks so much @GetTogetherMike, I’ve loved watching ur #buildinpublic journey and am so psyched to know I played a little role in it!

Ur “gm, let’s do this” tweets are my fav start to the day🤜🏾

Here’s to authentic, transparent and fun content
We initiated paid digital marketing on June 17

16k users on in less than 10 days!
33k users since July 1 2021, 48% of which came from a week of paid marketing!

#buildinpublic update
Our user growth since Day 1!

Biggest peaks:
MVP game jam
Alpha launch on Product Hunt
Paid Marketing since June 18 (5k users in 3 days)

#buildinpublic #breshna #nocode #videogames
Enroute to NYC for a very exciting meeting, followed by an equally epic one tomorrow morning back in DC!

Send victory vibes! 🤜🏾💖🔥🤩

@galeforceVC 💯 We have a short <2 min video that I send as part of our initial investor package & if interested show during the meeting, does wonders for clarity of conversation!…

Investor package:

Our Bolt Squad across different social media channels:

🔥Twitter: 3437 (#buildinpublic )
🤩LinkedIn: 6300
🎉Product Hunt: 837 upvotes - Product #2 of the day
🤜🏾Facebook: 1096 followers
💖Instagram: 432 followers
🎈Tiktok: 101 followers (WIP)
⚡️Discord (WIP)
#buildinpublic lesson

An angel expressed concern with our lack of communication, given that we send monthly updates, I was a little 😮

Turns out our image-heavy mailchimp emails are landing in the spam folder

Will be sending plain-text quarterly updates to current cap table
Check out this beautiful announcement email that we sent out yesterday! LOVED the preview GIFs, my fav one is the game assets :D…

#buildinpublic lesson: always check mobile view before sending, things got a little jumbled :/
🚗 Alpha
🚁 Beta
🚀 Public

Looking at our 💖 Beta today makes me 🤔 how our users even dealt with the clunky MVP & for a sec I question our #buildinpublic approach;but
Building a clunky product WITH a community > launching a product made in stealth TO a ton of strangers
While I really hope doesn’t have (m)any downtimes, I do adore these designs!

What u put in: 20 ppl working around the clock (during Ramazan) to be ready for beta launch

What u get: millions of empowered users who get to tell their stories through video games

#buildinpublic #QA
@SusanLiao2030 U’re so right! I never got to the carrot stage, got stuck catching strawberries 😅

Logged & reported! Keep em coming 🙏🏽🤗

Epic week! #buildinpublic

🚀Beta launch finalized for April 11th, all hands on deck
💪🏾Super exciting convos with investors for Seed+
🔥Strategic partnerships through private sale of our token
💖Prepping for #asugsvsummit & #BitcoinMiami
⚡️Exciting B2B partneships in the works
⚡️13,304 website visits
⚡️84 countries with 10+ website visits
⚡️Top countries 🇺🇸, 🇸🇦 & 🇵🇰
⚡️1656 registered game makers
⚡️5033 games made
⚡️10 games made on avg/active user

#buildinpublic update!
Tell me this video doesn’t make you wanna make ur own video game!

A ton of new backgrounds launching with our beta version in less than 2 weeks! Stay tuned

#nocodegames #breshna #buildinpublic #gamedev
#buildinpublic progress on my ttd, using the emoji scale:
💪🏾Crushed it - 3/7
🤜🏾Delegated - 2/7
🤏🏾 Ongoing - 2/7

⚡️White paper 💪🏾
💥Beta testing 🤜🏾
🏔Corporate proposal 🤏🏾
💫 Investor DD 💪🏾
🥴Email catch up 🤏🏾
🔥Partner schools 💪🏾
🥸Legal housekeeping 🤜🏾
This is #buildinpublic so nothing's hidden from our Bolt Squad, especially when it comes to naming our first NFT series will be a virtual Bolt Squad!

The series is Bolt Squad but what do we name each member? poll or leave alternatives in comments (Boltios, Breshnias?)
From Day 1, we’ve built Breshna in public! Transparency & community are at our core!

In the spirit of #buildinpublic we’re making Breshna’s data dashboards public!



@thisiskp_ @myfriendjanine @dunkhippo33 @ADotConnector
Building Breshna in public has been one of the most effective product development, distribution & marketing strategies!

We experienced & shared some massive wins but it’s not all 🌈s & 🐶s

In the true spirit of #buildinpublic, A quick 🧵on some painful lessons learned in 2021
In the spirit of building in public, check out our "Year in Review - 2021" Investor Update that just went out to 96 investors!…

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