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Twitter @breshnagame : product updates, weekly Twitter spaces (Breshna Bolt Bonfires), ambassador program & web3 innovations

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Web3 is shrouded in mystery & often has a very steep learning curve

We're changing that!

If we're going to onboard the next 100m people into web3, we gotta do things differently

Here's a #buildinpublic insight into how we made our first @breshnagame mint web2 friendly!……
At @breshnagame We experienced explosive user growth in 2023 with a Jan MoM of 10,000% 🤯🎉

In the spirit of #buildinpublic, let’s look under the hood & investigate the drivers of this growth

TLDR: reward ur community

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#buildinpublic update

1. We cancelled our @cartainc coz it got too expensive! Moved to @AngelList
2. Carta reassured us that while SAFEs will be "cancelled", no automated email would be sent to investors
3. Plan was to inform investors with our 2022 recap, after the holidays
Of all the new features we launched this month, this brand new data page is my fav!

Traction data is usually locked up in data rooms or limited to investor decks, not for us!

Now anyone can track our KPIs in REAL TIME at

We are committed to building with authenticity & transparency!

In the spirit of #buildinginpublic, we are thrilled to reveal our public stats page!

Now anyone can track our traction in real time on the link 👇🏽

This month has been a scary one both personally & professionally.. I had a medical emergency in my family, which hit me like a brick of walls & has been emotionally & physically depleting

luckily my fam is ok MashAllah & I’m hoping for a fast recovery ❤️‍🩹

About to push one of our biggest product updates of this year!!

10 more mins!

#buildinpublic #productupdate #breshna…
⚡️🚨Massive BRESHNA UPDATE in the works! 💎🔩

Can't wait to show you all the epic features we've been working on

Buckle in Bolt Squad, this will be worth the wait!
@breshnagame #BuildInPublic update:

Found last minute 🐛s, update pushed to tomorrow;

I can’t wait to hit send on one of the most exciting product update emails of 2022! It’s worth the wait 💖💖
#buildinpublic 🫣 of our upcoming Breshna product update!!

Made this fun IF/Then Call To Action chart for our Bolt Squad!

I love love love the magic that @arseljanjua creates with our @breshnagame emails!!

We have two big ones in the pipleine:
Product update
Investor update

I realized that we were way more bold & action-oriented in our earlier days, even when the product was half-baked

As our team, community & vision grew, I saw hints of perfection paralysis kicking in.. gotta keep putting Breshna out there, even if it isn’t perfect
#Buildinpublic update

So close to having 200k boltrons that have visited 🤩✨💜⚡️🪄🥳

Those peaks correspond to paid digital marketing, product hunt launch and other milestones

Avg daily traffic during campaigns: 4k
Avg daily traffic organically: 300
#buildinpublic @breshnagame update:

🐦Onboarded web2 & web3 marketing agencies,content palooza coming up!

🛠Major product updates (imagine having ur own assets in breshna)

⚡️Breshnaverse building is in full gear (👀 this space)

🙋🏽‍♀️Experimenting w/ Breshna Ambassador program
One of the super powers that a founder has is the decision to #buildinpublic

Thanks so much Mallory Erickson for this super inspiring conversation on the WhatTheFundraising podcast!


Full podcast:…
I am FLIPPING OUT⚡️⚡️🥳🥳🥰🥰🤩🤩👏🏾👏🏾

We have a brand new banner video for Breshna and it's EPIC! I absolutely love our lead product designer's work!!

In line with my #buildinpublic promise, u guys get the first look

Let me know what you think
In the spirit of #buildinpublic Here’s my kryptonite, I am terrible at responding to texts/emails within 24 hrs

I’ll read the email, have a convo abt it in my head, flag it for follow up & then come back to it after 2 days! 🤦🏽‍♀️

Working actively on my follow up game, any tips?
#buildinpublic update of Breshna's outreach: 91k users in 13 months

MVP game jam (organic)
Product Hunt launch - 2k in 1 day (organic)
1st paid campaign - 25k in 13 days (FB/IG)
Paris Hilton Announcement - 5k in 1 day
2nd paid campaign - 47k in 11 days (twitter/google)
@GetTogetherMike @yakshitshh @WrongsToWrite Awwww!!! Thanks so much @GetTogetherMike, I’ve loved watching ur #buildinpublic journey and am so psyched to know I played a little role in it!

Ur “gm, let’s do this” tweets are my fav start to the day🤜🏾

Here’s to authentic, transparent and fun content
We initiated paid digital marketing on June 17

16k users on in less than 10 days!
33k users since July 1 2021, 48% of which came from a week of paid marketing!

#buildinpublic update
Our user growth since Day 1!

Biggest peaks:
MVP game jam
Alpha launch on Product Hunt
Paid Marketing since June 18 (5k users in 3 days)

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