Been seeing more posts lately calling out #BuildInPublic as marketing in disguise.

I don’t think that’s far off, especially with the recent increased interest in the term.

But I don’t feel it’s a bad thing. Iterate, learn, and build awareness.

What do you think? 🤔
Another #BuildInPublic Post.

In a previous post y'all helped me decide on FreelancerU for the name.

Now I need your help with the first logo.

I'm no incredible artist by any stretch, so go easy on me.

🚨 Which do you like more?🚨

(P.S. feel free to suggest an alternative!)
In the spirit of #BuildInPublic, I'm finally taking the leap to START a newsletter.

But I need your help.

Which name do you feel captures the focus of high-earning freelance education for web devs?

- Freelancer U
- Freelance100k
- The Freelance Beast
- Something else?
Want to make $10k+ in the next month on Upwork?

I'm putting together a guide for you 💪

But I need your help:

Give me a quick summary of your past experience with Upwork and what you struggled with the most.

🧰 Building a comprehensive guide to making six figures on Upwork

Would you rather it be a 2-week challenge with daily action items, goals, etc.


A self-paced guide that you can pick apart and use what you need when you think you need it?

I've earned 6-figures of work from Upwork.

Wondering if any of my #NoCode friends are interested to learn how.

I'd love to create a comprehensive guide and it'd be a great project to #BuildInPublic with you.

10 ♥️ and I'll start putting in the work for you 😘
Building in public can be hard. Where does one even start?

I started today with a massive overhaul of my Twitter profile.

Would love some constructive criticism!

What do you like?
What is unclear?
What do you hate?

@softr_io is helping me make super quick work of this first version of the platform.

Can't wait to load up the training catalogue and resource library with all the goodies we've got for real estate professionals.

#BuildInPublic #NoCodeNation
What does #BuildInPublic mean to you?

And what do you expect to see from others building in public?
Well well well if it isn't the consequences of my own actions....

*me feigning surprise when the SaaS I'm building self destructs due to undocumented breaking changes because it's built on four layers of alpha release libraries

#IndieHacker #microSaaS #Buildinpublic
If you're currently building a microSaaS product, drop it in a reply so I can get on your beta list.

I love tinkering with new toys. 🙏

#Tweet100 #Microsaas #Buildinpublic
Y'all being a solo tech founder is not the business, I'm telling you.

It's 1am and I spent the last three hours running in circles on a tiny bug. Just big enough to need fixing...

Is it fixed? No.

Do I want to throw my computer? Yes.

#tweet100 #buildinpublic
I feel this on a spiritual level haha.

In the middle of building #CastKit and I've already aged ten years.

At least I don't have any hair to lose anymore.

🚀 Life Update:

After launching a saas in April at the age of 35

I've aged 14 years and will be turning 50 in January
Alpha version of #CastKit is almost ready. Who wants an invite?

I'm building something amazing for listeners AND creators, so don't be shy.

#BuildInPublic #Podcasting #microSaaS #IndieHackers #StartupLife
Building with SvelteKit, Contentful, Supabase, and Vercel has been an absolute blast.

Can't wait to ship alpha version.

#BuildInPublic #PodcastingTool #MicroSaaS