I'm running Linux inside Windows inside MacOS in order to debug @previewjs running with Node running inside WSL 🤯

Good news it looks like the implementation might end up simpler than feared. Basically an if/else.

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Some promising early results adding support for @sveltejs in Preview.js 👀

Now let's see if it can render SvelteKit components too!

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I'm almost done upgrading @previewjs to @vite_js 3!

I had to rewrite the VS Code extension first, glad that's over 😬

Next on the list: Preview.js + @sveltejs 🤩

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What's the name of the main CSS file in your project, if you have one?

I plan to make the next version of @previewjs automatically detect it so you don't have to configure it yourself.

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The new properties editor for @previewjs is shipping in the next couple of days!

It's going to be a Pro feature, but I plan to make it free for everyone while it's in beta.

Stay tuned 🤩

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It's taken me a while but I'm *almost* done building a visual props editor for @previewjs!

This will be the foundation for a pretty powerful @Storybook story editor in Preview.js Pro, no coding required 🚀

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I'm considering making @previewjs a "sponsorware":
- GitHub Sponsors would get early access to new features before they're open sourced.
- Sign in with GitHub to verify sponsorship, instead of buying a Preview.js Pro license key.


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I've just finished writing the very first post on the new @previewjs official blog!

What do you think of the design of this "Follow Preview.js" box?…

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I built a private API that lets me run an arbitrary shell script in a fresh Linux VM in the cloud within a few seconds and stream its output over WebSocket.

Wondering if I should make this a product on its own.

Would you have a use for this?

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OK, @remix_run isn't bad at all.

I'm building @previewjs for GitHub with it, and hosting on @vercel of course!

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Just fixed a sneaky caching bug in @previewjs core module, now faster than ever 🚀

Already live for the CLI, just make sure you have `@previewjs/[email protected]`. I'll push it to VS Code and IntelliJ now 👀

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I've just implemented a CLI for Preview.js 🙃

Useful for hardcore Vim/Emacs users, or perhaps if you just want to run it outside of your IDE...

I wrote up some docs at…, let me know if you try it!

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Phew, done! @previewjs now supports @solid_js 🤗

VS Code is live already (v1.6.0), IntelliJ/WebStorm very soon.

I'm submitting it for the #solidhack hackathon. It ends in just a few days so if you find any bugs, please let me know!

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I started implementing a @solid_js plugin for @previewjs today...

It already seems to work, thanks to a lot of similarities with #reactjs 🚀

Should be ready for release just in time for the #solidhack submission deadline!

Wish me luck 🤠

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I'm a massive fan of @tailwindcss, despite being very hesitant at first.

Once you get the gist of it, you can iterate on designs effortlessly (even faster with @previewjs of course).

I built this homepage with Tailwind. How would you improve it? 👀

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SearchBox component is now implemented, all that's left is integrating it with @previewjs!

I decided to include capital-based matching so that you can just type "LCN" to match "LongComponentName". Fun little implementation challenge.

Efficiency matters!

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I'm almost done building this component search feature for @previewjs.

How does it look?

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There's nothing quite as fun as using a dev tool you built to develop itself 🙃

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