the new check in feature is coming along pretty nicely, still some ui animations i want to update but i’m hoping this can be a quick way to respond to your friends who checked on you if everything is good! #buildinpublic
a couple steps forward with integrating @getstream_io into @wfriendsco - i have to work on this tab bar issue though preventing you from writing a message…
4. integrate messaging with the check in feature..
basically, if a friend checked on you, you can send them a notification that says “i’m good” or start a private chat..
so this new @getstream_io update will make my life soooo much easier
@wfriendsco #buildinpublic
so if i can launch during mental health awareness month - that would be ideal. #buildinpublic
although v1 of @wfriendsco had a messaging and stories component, they weren’t very mature so using an sdk like @GetStoryteller and @getstream_io are so helpful for indie devs like myself who want to give people the best possible user experience #buildinpublic
however, i’m like 98% done with it - so now when you got to create a collection post, you can choose one of your existing collections, choose the default collection or create a brand new one on the fly - @wfriendsco v2 is really coming along - #buildinpublic
very happy with how this is turning out so far 🙏🏽 #buildinpublic
last update for the day, the tutorial i read covered sending mass push notifications but not necessarily sending notifications based on a users action in the app, by the grace of god the code for that was available on the information super highway and boom #buildinpublic
sorry i haven’t been doing a good job keeping up with the #buildinpublic aspect of v2 of @wfriendsco 😅 - but i have def been working - i’m currently working on the add to collection feature, think pinterest boards where you can add stuff to a collection you create.
also just saw a very thorough mvvm field validation video by @StewartLynch so going to implement that today as well - thanks to stewart for the great video!
i didn’t really #buildinpublic the first time because i was doing so much learning but i think this time around i’ll share my progress and updates for those that are interested.
will try and get that update pushed tonight for everyone. -via @wfriendsco #buildinpublic
just finished adding the ability to tag a friend in your gallery or collection post. -via @wfriendsco #buildinpublic
lastly, yes if you tag a super sweet location like @TOKYOspinach - it will show that in the instagram story as well 😎 @wfriendsco #buildinpublic
and yes it also works for note post 😉 - featuring @jeanelleasales @wfriendsco #buildinpublic
i’ll push a few other updates this weekend as well like being able to resize your profile photo, tapping on the tab buttons to reset your view and a couple small bug fixes #buildinpublic
all built using #swiftui 😎 #buildinpublic
we made some user interface updates recently, let us know what you think!
but you know which social networking app does let you edit your post? @wfriendsco 😎#buildinpublic