So now we’ve got gifs in the Dialogflow fulfilment!

I’ve included charts and coded up logic so what the user sees is based on random probability to reduce “gif fatigue”…

Here’s a quickly made video from my unstyled test site

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So now this week's goal is implementing the code to do this programmatically with an element of randomisation each time to keep things fresh.

Bring on the cat gifs!!!

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Within his first few weeks there he noticed that user id's and passwords were being sent in the API URL parameters! 🙈

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I've been looking at "Mosaic Lite" which does most of what I want *but* it feels a bit too business admin-y.

I want something that looks a bit more like a consumer app with styling like I'd see on Dribbble, and dare I say it; "fun"

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Well… JWT for an #indiehacker like me has been a can of worms…

Watched a few tutorials tonight and understand how it’s done now.

My brain is mashed though so I’ll code it up tomorrow night

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This week's goal: introduce email verification for users.

Stretch goal: add JWT and basic auth on Dialogflow requests to secure API calls.

I figured if I'm going down the Web App route I need to elevate user and information security

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Next task is the big one; integrating my DialogFlow chatbot into React.js

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Bit later than I had hoped; 1am but it's not unusual for #indiehackers , just a pain if it's a Monday after a busy weekend...

That's all my charts ported across from React Native to #reactjs web app.

My goal this week is to get DialogFlow working on ReactJS now #buildinpublic
Always remember #indiehackers; even in your team of one, make sure you're doing your tests and exercising good Git hygiene!

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Hopefully by the weekend I'll have added the api calls to the backend to make the charts dynamic.

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It ended up in a 1am finish with almost tears of frustration.

But... I'm 3 days into the rewrite and I now have half the React Native pages working in ReactJS 🥳

And I'll also get to learn Tailwind with this project...

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This is a fairly big change *but* given the app was written in React Native, I'm hoping it should be easy enough to port across.

Watch this space.

I reckon it'll take about a month to do this migration but I think it's the right thing to do.

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Oh and real life! - that gets in the way as well. But hopefully I'll get this Digest finished soon and can start fishing with adword campaigns

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Big one tonight! The 'Weekly Digest' continues...

Building up the text summary section and done the weight change first. This has been tricky as f**k!

I'm trying to get it to read like a human & show context, not just numbers.

Here's the result.

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Nothing fancy or new to screenshot tonight or than my draft 'Weekly Digest' email is now deployed to a cloud function and scheduled to run weekly

Not a huge amount done tonight after a few late nights already this week.

I managed to install and configure a Firebase extension (…) so that Firebase users sync with Mailchimp audience with automated Mailchimp tags attributed

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Got Mailchimp Transactional working with BigQuery to send out dynamic email content and done a bit of formatting as well.

Next step is to get this into a scheduled Cloud Function on GCP

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