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Quik MVP is a tool that helps founders increase their chances of success by helping them create flawless business models.


The 99% that don’t get coverage could change the world

Startups that raise huge rounds don’t have any trouble getting media attention

We’re here to promote the 99% of startups who haven’t done that
From zero to one then repeat at scale 🤝

Before trying to build a billion dollar startup focus on bootstrapping one to a million in revenue first because you’ll learn so much.
Todays job make the UX as simple and as smooth as possible.
Gratitude overflowing for the amazing support from the #buildinpublic community. Together, we can achieve remarkable things. Let's keep inspiring and lifting each other up! 🤝
Don’t forget to be loud about your products 🤝

Now live folks give it a try at no login required but you cannot save your scores just yet. Next update will save your progress.
Keep. It. Simple. Ship

Shout out to the #buildinpublic community it’s full of awesome people who are gonna change the world real soon 🤝
Scratch your own itch then distribute the solution 🤝

Unfair advantage:

Building a startup around a problem you’ve personally experienced.
Builders supporting builders 🤝

@yuvalsteuer Would recommend most of the people I'm following. They're amazing builders. Like

They've been inspiring and sharing their journey 🙌

And if you're open to it, feel free to follow me too 😉! Happy building!
If you haven’t already followed @jkimlaunch do yourself a favor and follow especially if you’re a builder/founder trust me 🤝

My first Tweet was on May 2nd

From 4 followers, just passed 1000 🤯

I had a dream that I thought was not possible
"I wish, but probably can't and won't happen"

Now I am starting to dream again (more 👇).

Thanks for everyone connecting with me
It has been a hell of a ride.
Behind every successful startup is a well-crafted business model. @QuikMVP empowers you to create the foundation for your success story.

Building a startup is like solving a puzzle. @QuikMVP helps you piece together the perfect business model, ensuring all elements fit seamlessly. Solve the puzzle, unlock your potential.

Quik MVP is a tool that helps founders, builders and creators increase their chances of success by helping them create flawless business models. We use a combination of the business model canvas and fine tuned prompts to help create flawless business models.
Here’s another one to support builders 🤝

We are live on Product Hunt now 🥳🚀

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Thanks 💜…
Show your support builders

Super excited to announce that @Clustrio is now live on @Producthunt 🚀

Please come check us out and show your love and support 🙏

Gigantic Thank You To You All 🫶

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Building a business is a marathon, not a sprint. Pace yourself, stay focused, and use @QuikMVP to create a sustainable business model that withstands the test of time. 🤝

Solid business models are the backbone of startup success. Don't leave it to chance! Craft a flawless model with @QuikMVP and increase your chances of achieving your entrepreneurial dreams.

Another product hunt launch wouldn’t hurt 😉
I have an idea 😂