Less than a week till @QuikMVP launches on @ProductHunt I appreciate all the support so far πŸ™ Get notified:… 🫑. #buildinpublic #indiehackers
Trendy idea -> build for 3-6 months -> zero paying customers -> the end
Idea -> launch MVP in 4 weeks -> validate with paying customers -> launch better product -> distribute -> scale -> the end

One of these uses a solid business model too @QuikMVP 🀝

Launching @QuikMVP on @ProductHunt soon.🚧 Get notified of the launch here:… I appreciate all the support I’ve gotten from the #buildinpublic community 🀝
Todays building: Putting the final touches on the dashboard and making sure everything functions properly. Here’s a business model made in ai using @QuikMVP #buildinpublic
My gut is telling me to delay the launch and build more but that kinda defeats the purpose of @QuikMVP so here we go. Tune in and watch me fall on my face or validate my idea. I appreciate all the support from you guys 🀝πŸ’ͺ🏿…
Writing a full business plan before execution is a time-consuming process. The Business Model Canvas provides a framework to launch quickly without getting stuck in plan writing. Adaptation is the key πŸ”‘ #buildinpublic
#buildinpublic I would really appreciate all your support on this guys πŸ™ Today I thought why wait to launch Quikmvp on PH so here we are 🀘🏿…
Learn to use a business model canvas in 20 seconds - 8 steps. #buildinpublic
Pre-order now! From idea to MVP. We've got you covered with flawless business models and KPI tracking. Plus you can help shape our platform with your feedback and help other founders. Limited time only! #buildinpublic #businessmodel
QuikMVP is live. Idea to MVP with a Solid Business Model. Free Features: Business canvas generator & business model ai (limited) to create impeccable business models.
Paid Features: Unlimited Business model ai use & KPI tracking to build consistent performance #buildinpublic
Your one page business plan. Simple. Flexible. Powerful. #buildinpublic
Which looks better? A. Black or B. White? #buildinpublic
I created this on my landing page link - it’s free 🫑 #buildinpublic
I just made a business model for Idea to MVP VP: Turn your idea into a thriving startup with impeccable business models for Early Stage Founders
Builders in the #buildinpublic community this is a reminder to take a break. Go outside take a walk get some natural dopamine. Take care of your mental health happy Sunday 🫑
The business model canvas is the ultimate tool that helps me turn my ideas into plausible businesses. From customer segments to revenue streams, it's got it all covered. #buildinpublic
The best part about building is watching your idea come to life and people actively using it while you iterate your ideas shout out to the #buildinpublic community for your help 🫑