I need a Github copilot that warns me when I am overthinking.
Made this composable to go back to the previous page when there is no browsing history.
Was it completely unnecessary? @mrleblanc101
#buildinpublic #nuxtjs
Supporting both stocks and ETFs. Still got to make the final yield page. #buildinpublic
Python makes working with data a breeze 🐍 #buildinpublic
@getpostman is quite convenient for testing and debugging API endpoints #buildinpublic
Plenty of effort to get some stock symbols... Still not done 😅 Most time was spent in formatting data.
#buildinpublic #finance #python
@t31k__ Flying to Bali is not really necessary to #buildinpublic 😋
Another example where #ChatGPT is a time waster. Looking forward to 5.0 or the latest Copilot by Microsoft. Not expecting much though (besides hype).
#buildinpublic #indiehackers
@sumchattering @StackOverflow Ok I upgraded it again and gave it go. Seems like $20 completely wasted for this case.

Here is the upgraded ChatGPT results:
3.5 - wants me to use beautiful soup to scrape a url that it assumes it exists (hallucinating as usual).
4.0 - seems a bit more knowledgeable but it is……
Finally some @nuxt_js component reusability, stock selector #buildinpublic
The walls are in! Might be a good idea to add some roof. Quite satisfying. #buildinpublic #physicalstuff
Added live chat functionality using @crisp_im
Goal is to have an interesting chat about finance with one person per week 😂
#buildinpublic #indiehackers
Collecting svg logos into @sketch and displaying them in the S&P 500® Explorer
#buildinpublic #indiehackers
Thankful that ChatGPT 3.5 did not exist when I started to learn how to code. What a mess for building a foundation as a coder.

At least combine it with some solid tutorials from @wesbos @thenetninjauk etc. And always RTFM.

Still thinking client side rendering first, loading spinners, etc... Time to refactor this page for SSR. #fettuccinibrain #buildinpublic #nuxt
Now randomizing the stock picker so I can discover new big companies every day. ChatGPT gave me the code, which it took from StackOverflow 😂
#buildinpublic #nuxt
Using this instead of Google Analytics which is overkill. 10 minutes to code, test, deploy. #buildinpublic
Refactoring continues... Code was too bloated. I believe it has been one and a half month in now coding with Vue and Nuxt. Still lots to learn. Universal rendering is challenging. #buildinpublic #codinginpublic
1/ Refactored the code for

From one long nuxt page it is now 1 page, 2 components and 2 pinia stores. #vuejs #nuxt #buildinpublic #finance