I have an idea for saas, make an API with SVG icons that don't charge 150$ per month and use credits insted lol, prices are crazy everywhere
Okay biggest chunk of shapes repeater MVP is done, expect a new update in a couple of days πŸ‘€

After that, I plan to start working on the remaining 2 features and gets unlocked for public use with temporary premium 😈
Added a small hotkeys cheatsheet in the help section πŸ‘€

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v0.21a hotfixes released!

Fix for layer transparency using wrong blend methods

and a fix for color changing that causes issues alpha to reset to 100%

Attached image of an exported transparent layer with correct blending, what a beauty 😌

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v0.20a is coming to town πŸ‘€

known issues are:
-entire layer transparency sometimes doesn't render in the highest quality
-changing icons' color resets transparency

those 2 above will get sorted a bit later today!

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Usability questions!

Top pic is the editor preview
Bottom pic is the exported PNG of the top pic

If you zoom in you can see transparency overlap issues. Would these be critical for you when creating a background?

Exported PNG is the correct one.

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Transparency improvements for complex SVG objects!
This comes with a lot of performance implications tho and is a pretty heavy operation so the editor is going to be rendering in a "fast mode" and export will function properly πŸ€”

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Ladies and gentlemen... we're very close 😈

Once I finish the user profile I'll spend some time bug-testing, fixing things, and pushing a new update to y'all🀩

Ooohhhkay, watch this, replace the selected elements feature, I found it extremely useful for myself, and it also means you can change existing templates easily for your needs πŸ˜„

what do you all think about this feature?

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Requesting collaborative design help, where would you put a user profile avatar thing? The one you can click and go to your profile page, I'm struggling to figure it out... check out the colored circles that's what I think of

Thanks everyone! πŸ”₯πŸš€πŸ˜„

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Added some QOL feature - "recent elements"!

You can now see all the graphical elements used in your project and spawn them from a single place!

This is also a base feature for more exciting additions, one of which is going to be implemented over the weekendπŸš€

What other social media do you build in public apart from Twitter?

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Lots of green, not much gray/yellow left, feeling good about the overall progress so far, icons replacement is not a hard feature but should be definitely a helpful one!

That's pretty much the only biggie left on the list πŸ”₯πŸš€

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Workspace settings are now adjustable!

White color and 1px thickness don't work for all projects and sizes so this should help improve the visibility.

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Templates finally work! Woooooo!

This makes Alpha v1.1 update 80% done!!

3 more smaller tasks left and the next update (Alpha v1.2) is going to be user profiles, some new features, and a preparation for a public release!

I'm excited πŸ˜…

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Okay, a little bit of tease!
Not much on the graphical side today altho I created a generic project template button, pretty sure you will see much cooler stuff tomo πŸš€

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Did lots of work on project templates today, almost done with data fetching, expect a video tomorrow πŸ”₯

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All the size templates are now interactable, spawn properly and work well!

Next couple of days will be getting template projects to work and this task is almost done 😼

Also planning to migrate the storage to R2, data fetch should be faster!

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