How do I name a button that shows the tweet you are replying to?


Video rendering totally effed my up. Quality is πŸ‘Ž

Do check it out. I just know there are some spelling mistakes in there but πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ
@DoleeYang Thank you for nagging me, that was quite the intention of #buildinpublic idea so I wanted to share bug moments as well πŸ˜…

Have to look into this.
You have lists on twitter right?
Compression killed it a bit, but thought to add some progressView swag πŸ¦‰

#ios #buildinpublic #ChirpDevChallenge
Be honest, Am I animating too much? πŸ˜…

#ios #buildinpublic
Kill me but yet again I am working on a new design for barny

trying to do something different with the layout.

Who needs the author at the top? Not me βœ‹

#buildinpublic #chirpdevchallenge
How many app launches do you feel is ok until a review popup...pops up?


#buildinpublic #appstore #ios
Time to get to work on the purchasing flow!

How are you finding StoreKit2? It seems to be LOADS easier?

So, a wise friend reminded me that I better work on core functionality instead of features/eye-candy

I reluctantly agreed πŸ˜… so feather view stops here, but more to come on that front in the future πŸ™Œ

@my_latest_app #buildinpublic
Not sure what am I trying to do with the colors....

too iffy?

This is an image placeholder only ofc

#buildinpublic #twitterchirpchallenge
When working with accessibility, it is crazy important to have proper punctuation.

The difference in how it sounds is 🀯

Will share a demo tomorrow.

#buildinpublic #moa
Once this app builds on MacOS I expect it to looks like something that needs to be put to sleep.

Working on payment screen for eventual addition to Barny

Seems a lot to have something this high? Or does it provide sufficient info and hence, make sense to have it as such?

After some feedback on @my_latest_app, I decided to start looking into another approach for the UI.

I hope I will not stray too far from the current one 🀞

I wanted to avoid vertical scroll but people seem to really miss it πŸ˜…
Opted for an asset catalog instead of the ones in code. I have an enum for the names so all is well πŸ™Œ

Will be a lot easier to preview and handle dark/light mode now

#buildinpublic @my_latest_app
For the past week or so, my time dedicated to #buildinpublic was reduced dramatically.
I hope to get back on that horse, however, the main reason for this is that I am visiting my folks, and familiy always comes first β™₯️
So I am not complaining, just letting you know πŸ˜‚
I have spent the last hour trying to make that link menu on the top.

Only to realize that I could also just make the link within the text itself 🀯

#buildinpublic #failinpublic
This really is going on my app FAQ πŸ˜…