Day 45 of Building Chately (⚡️Realtime Chat-app)

🛠️ Features Built:
✨ Realtime messaging rendering
✨ Inbox listing

🚫 Bug / Issues encountered:
❗️Rendering of messages is laggy😩😭

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Days 18 - 19 of Building Chately | Backend

📑 Read up on a bunch of articles on use cases of Redis.

🤔 Decided that I would build a micro-service separate from the application that will be handling the realtime transmission & caching of messages.

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Days 15 & 16 of building Chately | Backend

⚡️ All WebSocket Connections are secured with JWT
⚡️ Can now retrieve user info from a token (helps differentiate each socket connection)

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Day 14 of building Chately | Backend
Introduced WebSockets & Tried to secure them with JWT but had to fight with a nasty error.

Will demonstrate tomorrow with a video when i resolve the bug...

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📌 Announcement

🛠️ Building a real-time messaging app
w/@alicalimli_dev (Chately)

Role: API and Everything in Backend

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