Solopreneurs that have a 9-5 job how you made it to organize you and keep chiping.

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Save what matters to you, take notes in a diferent way
I stop buiding FavStation for a moment to create a landing page

See what is FavStation about and let me know if its something you would use
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building the dashboard to see your fav things

I have a mess in chrome and another one in Microsoft edge trying to keep the things i need and like also have a lot of bookmarked twitters and Instagram posts
How to keep everything organized?

I am building FavStation a place to keep everything you like organized
Starting a new project
Name: FavStation (non confirmed)
tech stack: @bubble

@heyirfanaziz @_buildspace Is great i for example always want to #buildinpublic but dont know what i need to share you maybe can add like a form or goals that you will be reaching
Start small and focus on building an MVP that solves a specific problem.😉 Don´t focus too much in adding more features, you can always add more features later.

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Today #buildinpublic my SaaS @promptlabpro focus on release the mvp as soon as possible
Check my journey so far building @promptlabpro in the #HustleGPT chagenlle

I Joined the #HustleGPT chagenlle, my journey so far ES/ Me uní al desafío #HustleGPT, mi camino hasta ahora.…

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Time for an update for the #HustleGPT chagenlle!
History chat is unavailable so i can not acces my hustle partner right now😐even so take advantage to work in the Data. Now it is time to start building the interface using no code and #buildinpublic so follow to keep you posted.