💙@hub71ad application from EGLOTE $ 21,8 trillion TAM, unique bundle: SEO + Localisation + Serverless

SEO reach $83.7B 
Localisation $57B global market
Serverless market cap of $20.5T and funding of $51.3B

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We will take part at the conference @feminno22 in #Armenia and compete with the 9 best female-founded #startups selected from all applicants this year. Our CEO and cofounder @olianayda will pitch on July 31st.

Kudos to our team! Let's help Eglote to win!
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Highlighting #CloudFlareConnect from our great tech partner @Cloudflare 🧡

Let’s build future of internet together!

@olianayda @microacquire Andrew @agazdecki we know that our CEO @olianayda may change SEO of @microacquire, your team just need to say:

Or you may just pick up our time:

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Thank you @jerlis_here CEO of @emcdpool for this opportunity for B2B SaaS for SEO strategy through localisation marketing.

We're really excited to have fruitful work together to increase the lead that come from search engine in EMCD!