Filters are working well! Also added reviews to my favorite projects like Azuki, Boki, and The Coffee Junkies.

Tomorrow, I'll test the whole web app and invite private beta users to start using it!

Have a great day everyone :) #buildinpublic
You can now edit and delete your comment!

Starting tomorrow, I'll test the whole MVP by adding some reviews to my favorite NFT projects out there.

Have a good night everyone!
You can now easily submit feedback about our website so that I can iterate on it.

I used @crisp_im and it was a no-brainer (and cheap, too). For a small bootstrapper like me, highly recommend using it!

Google login/logout is working fine! Calling it a day today to play some tennis 🎾.
Have a good one and see you tomorrow!
#buildinpublic #NFTs #YelpForNFTs
Worked on a page for an individual NFT project today! Have a good night (or day) and see you tomorrow :)
Made some progress today :)
Functions are not working just yet, but here's how it'll look.
Good night (& good morning) and see you tomorrow!