Laying off an employee is tough. It felt kind of feels unnatural for a human to do that to another human being.

For startup founders who have recently had to let go of their employees. What is your reason and did you cry?

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It is kind of frustrated when a prospect booked your time but end up not showing.

What’s the first thing to do after getting an invitation to DALL-E?

Answer: Cats

The new feature is to allow our users to see on which section do readers usually linger around in their blog posts.

So, you know which part of section for your content capture more attention and you can optimize your SEO title tag and meta description.

I have failed to control my urge to code today.

I was supposed to focus more on sales and marketing this week.

A customer on Linkedin tagged me on a post asking for a new request on our scrolling heatmap.

It is live on our production 30 mins later…

Been trying to do targeted Linkedin cold outreach for @howuku last couple of days success rate around 10%.

Not too shabby I guess.

Anyone tried doing cold outreach and what is your success rate?

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Just came across this very interesting post about marketing.

Instead of telling someone what problem your brand solves, tell them why they needed to solve it yesterday.

It would create a sense of urgency and a healthy dose of FOMO.

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Upgraded Howuku server AWS instance type from t2 to t3 EC2 instance and saves up to 10% monthly server costing and gives much better performance.

Kicking myself for not doing this earlier!

Wondering what is the general consensus of whether to host the knowledge base in a subdomain or main domain and if it is worth the time to do something about it for

Wow, new feature release from @webflow is so good!

They let you convert all your existing website JPG and PNG images into WebP within seconds! Awesome!…

Isn’t it crazy to be priced so absurdly expensive?

On a second thoughts, they have been around since forever, I guess they must’ve had a crazy tech debt that is preventing them from progressing for a better pricing to keep up with the market.

Working on a more comprehensive USP comparison between us and our competitors.

Something I found fascinating is that CrazyEgg is actually Crazy Expensive for selling 100 recordings per month for $30 😂…

Do you have your knowledge base parked under your main domain (directory path) or subdomain?

We are hosting our KB at and the SEO juice on it would probably won’t benefits our main domain?

Is this the standard to have it separated or no?

Does Instagram or TikTok marketing work for B2B?

Solo founders, how do you split your time between development and marketing?

For me, it is always 100% in development for a month, and 100% in marketing the next month. And feeling bad for not doing enough on either side.

Spent the whole day trying to figure out how to connect into Clickhouse server remotely from our App.

Turn out it is just the AWS security issue that is blocking the port. 🥵

Really cool to see that Clickhouse have a port dedicated to Mysql and can accept connection directly from Mysql client.

Bad news is we probably need to rewrites a lot of SQL queries to support Clickhouse as we have a lot long and fancy SQL statements.

Have been searching Google for “Clickbank NodeJS example” and found nothing.

Now I know what went wrong….

I meant to say ClickHOUSE in my previous tweet and not Clickbank! 😅 😅

OK. Clickbank performance is crazy fast comparing to Mysql.

Whatever I tried querying the results in return within a second which I wouldn’t dare to imagine how long it would have taken in Mysql.

Working on implementing @ClickHouseDB into @howuku, it promises query speed when handling millions and millions of analytics data.

Can’t wait to see how much of performance improvement can we get out of it!