Made an intro video for Howuku today. It is kind of fun playing with the beats and stuff.

That feeling when a user asks for a new function, and you just build and deployed it in just 30mins. 🤩

Not a huge feature but quite useful for A/B testing to track goals based on scroll % and on-page duration.

Just played around with Screenflow. Easy enough to navigate around.

What are some good examples of SaaS demo videos for landing pages?

Simplifying our checkout page to make it a bit more user-friendly and less intimidating with all the words. Also supporting INR currency.

How do you measure your user activation rate for your SaaS?

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Back in 2019. This is the very first prototype of @howuku’s session recording. Time flies!

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Do you eat your own dog food? 👇Comment below on how you dogfooding your own product!

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This session replay probably saved us thousands of dollars from going down the drain!

Because most of your visitors WON’T tell you what is wrong with your website and you wouldn’t know it either if there were any.

🧵 Thread
As a developer, I found that I often get into the zone even when I am doing marketing.

Just like how I start writing code I can’t stop, when I start writing a piece of content or thinking of ways to market I can’t stop.

It is really fascinating

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It is pretty obvious but still kind of annoyed that Promise All in javascript is pretty random even for the same tasks repeated in a sequence like 1,2,3,4.

Lesson of the day, do not use Promise All for tasks that need to follow a set of sequences.

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Watching a recording on our homepage 👉…

Found that @webflow has been referring visitors to our old homepage /old-home when they clicked on our logo.

Doesn’t seem right. 😓

So far the Light colored landing page was giving us a slightly better conversion but not statistically significant yet.

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Do you have a separated domain registered just for emailing purposes such as newletters or product updates?

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Which one do you think would perform better in an AB test?

Dark or light landing page?


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Last week, I decided to let go of one of my employees in just about two months.

No tears, no selfies, but it really is devastating. It is always hard to deliver the bad news.

👇 What I learned from this experience:

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How do you find all your best ideas for product or marketing?

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Sitting in-front of my laptop thinking about content ideas... 0!

During a hot shower, 100 ideas popping up in my head.

I need a white board ready for my hot showers.

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Anyone using Google Ads as one of your your acquisition channels?

How does it work out for your and what are the metrics like?

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How do you conduct new users interview for your SaaS?

Emails? Zoom? Social medias?

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Does your SaaS provide a white label option?

✅ If yes, what is your service and how does it work out for you?
❌ If not, why not and what are the concerns?

👇 Feel free to share your white label SaaS model here.

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Laying off an employee is tough. It felt kind of feels unnatural for a human to do that to another human being.

For startup founders who have recently had to let go of their employees. What is your reason and did you cry?

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