Doing some improvements to 🐱 HuntedWall

✅ New landing
✅ Top supporters page
✖️ Automatise adding supporters to products

AppLogoCreator launched on PH exactly one month ago

Here is the summary:

💰 $1016 made
🧑 4385 visitors
👀 16845 pageviews

Just added a new style to AppLogoCreator 👀

What logo do you like best for HuntedWall?

I like the idea of a rocket for "launch" but a cat resembling the PH can work too

Added a set of new background gradients to AppLogoCreator, together with the new Minimal mode, I'm loving the results :)

Ok, Minimal mode is up on AppLogoCreator

Now to make the intro video, but first dinner with fam

Next, upgrading the landing page, then will add basic edits like flip & change color, position the object

What are you building? Do you work on Saturdays?

One unintended result behind the Minimal mode, is that you can use the Minimal logos to guide the AI to create more fancy & consistent logos

Coming soon to AppLogoCreator: Minimal mode

For those who prefer simple, minimal, logos

Sucks a bit to not be able to do marketing while in the zone doing dev work

but I've finally found a way to create perfect flat logos 👀

Many customers just want a simple, flat logo, maybe with a gradient, so that's been on top of my mind to solve

Ok, second free tool added to AppLogoCreator:

Remove the background of any image with AI:

Or vectorize any image with sub-pixel perfection with AI:

Playing with using vector icons to help guide logo creations and make them more consistent

Would it add value to you if after creating a logo with AppLogoCreator you get an animation like this?

Ok, now we have samples on AppLogoCreator

Next, I'm implementing GPT to help customers write good prompts. This is the main issue right now

"your startup is a media company" - @that_igor_

I'm going to get into short video clips to promote my products

Here is my first attempt

Introducing AppLogoCreator

Generate stunning logos, edit and vectorize ✨

It's just a test.. D:

Started working on the landing page for AppLogoCreator

✅ I'm done experimenting and know how to trick Stable Diffusion into creating good logos
✅ Png to SVG solved
🔜 Coming soon ProductHunt page
❓Thinking about how to price this
❓ Should I do a presale?

Not sure why the sudden traffic jump. I suppose it's from the ProductHunt newsletter

Stats so far:

📷 6161 images generated
🤝 289 users signed up
💸 1 ($10) paying customer

Just started working on a new project:

AI generated logos that don't suck

The images below are the results of my first attempt at creating a bonfire icon/logo

Quality will get significantly better in the coming hours

📈 Traffic from yesterday's ProductHunt launch

I'll write a post-mortem on what went right and what went wrong :)

Thanks to everybody who supported me, you're amazing ❤️

Adding some info boxes to better explain the different parts of training your own models.

PicAvatar is possibly the easiest and cheapest way to train own models

Upload images -> they're automatically cropped with face detection -> select -> train