Quick question,

What does a better job at creating:

- More engagement
- Quality discussions
- Shareability

Parent-child comments (e.g Make, Reddit, HN) VS Twitter flat type of discussions?

🔸 Makers

I've taken your feedback to my heart and making improvements to @make_to_ as you read this tweet.

So I'm taking a short pause from Twitter to get things done.

Thanks for your immeasurable support tech Twitter!

From dormant account to 174k impressions in 28 days.

It works. Stay consistent. 🔥

What Twitter card design looks better for startup profiles on Make: left with backdrop blur or right with white background?

Adding dynamically generated Twitter card images to startup profiles on Make.

Another post by @AdamArbolino on Make and our new auto-generated Twitter card for posts looks pretty good. 😻…

Working on adding automatically generated Twitter card previews to @make_to_ content to improve virality.


23 days ago I decided to start marketing.

Yesterday we were featured #5 on Product Hunt.

I got 200 new followers.

$669 in sales.

All because #buildinpublic

Thank you tech Twitter.…
Been building the last 8 months.

To do this I quit Twitter. But now it's time to market and get back to it.

Make is a place for makers building cool things and a toolkit at one affordable price. #buildinpublic
The $49 offer I ran yesterday has more sales than the $4.50 offer I'm running today for the Product Hunt launch.

Today we're announcing our ProductHunt launch day offer for @make_to_.

Make is on ProductHunt. 🥳

Retweet or comment to get the chance to win the PH design cake bellow. I'll ship anywhere. The winner will be selected randomly by code.

Appreciate your support. All votes count. 🙏😸

Look for it at and vote.

No way. Make just received three first purchases. 😻🥳

Three amazing people bought the Make early bird lifetime deal.

And they are all founders building incredible things.

#buildinpublic is the way.

Thank you.
Tech Twitter, just a reminder that you can have this cake if you retweet 👇

Make is going to launch on @ProductHunt.

September 29th is the day. 🙀

👉 I will ship this PH cake to one randomly selected person who retweets this.

👉 The winner will be selected on the 29th at the end of the day.

Cake 👇
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Should that be, above the profile photos:

"Makers that recently joined"
"Join other makers building the future"
"Join other kick-ass makers"
"Legends that just signed up"

Which one do you think is better?

Landing page for taking shape, one step at the time. #buildinpublic
Skills that give founders a big advantage but don't have to be domain experts at:

- writing code
- design
- copywriting
- marketing
- video editing
- drawing illustrations
- communicating