I implemented the testing-records panel on
This is where the company will see all the tests recorded by their users.
An afternoon working on speed up,,,
Set up the settings pages for, trying to make stuff as simple as possible!
Today, I did set up the onboarding pages for
I will still need to complete the content later on.
Today I made a "To Do" panel on
We can now add the user's feedback as a task to complete.
Replaced on the landing page of "Kill your crappy bugs" by "Kill your obnoxious bugs" !
I Added a simple notion page on to show the building process
3 Sections:
βœ… My Todo
πŸ“…What was done
πŸ› οΈ My tools…

Implemented the OAuth and a basic dashboard on
I started to work on a new Saas project:
An app, to allow Saas to request their user, user-testing.
Directly on their platform.
The goal: reducing churn, bugs, and + love
I will be building that one in public! πŸ˜€
Just launched my Twitter Challenge "Get Followers or Pay" on productHunt…
Anyone building in public on TikTok? Share your handler πŸ‘‡#buildinpublic
I made a notion page with some Saas Ideas, I don't believe ideas are anything without the execution, steal them;)
I'm open to collaboration with some of them
Added some confetti for users who just started their Twitter challenge, because confettis make ppl HappY
Cleaned up the design and the responsiveness a bit
When a Bubble spinner plugin is not doing what it is supposed to do πŸ˜…
Added a box to my Twitter Challenge, to give all the lost bids of this challenge to the Ukrainian Red Cross πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦
Challenge coming soon! Lose for the good cause;…
What's your biggest issue when trying to sell your Saas product? #buildinpublic
What's the most interesting project you saw, built with Web3?
#web30 #buildinpublic