I think today every social media platform I see looks quite and everyone is running to threads, but still I am going to post here , it's my opinion.

Bcz I can't find any recent post.
Which platform you like the most ?
Facebook 😄
Twitter 🐦
I think it's good to read a book then signing up for every single social media app out there.
Day 1 starting agency
Finding my niche for agency
Do you know now we can only read a limited number of tweets. Plz read this
It's different for verified accounts and unverified accounts
To address extreme levels of data scraping & system manipulation, we’ve applied the following temporary limits:

- Verified accounts are limited to reading 6000 posts/day
- Unverified accounts to 600 posts/day
- New unverified accounts to 300/day
I am trying to put a stop on my fear of camera 📷 and showing my face by creating video content in every two days on Instagram.
It's very refreshing people are liking it .
Not many people but it feels good
So what I learn is start creating content.
We need to outperform ourselves so we grow each and everyday
What you think it needs to be done you gave it your 100% but not done you give it your 200% but not done
So what we can do
We can take a step back and think 🤔
What is going on wrong?
This is my offer
Amazing actually we help coaches to get 10k to 25k views on your content and build a strong personal brand.
Hey friends I have cold dm script plz tell me what you think about it
Hey (name)
Hope you are doing well
I really like your content and it's amazing
I want to ask are you editing your reels yourself?
So luck and hard work both are very important
One year ago I feel online business is easy and I can make easy money but after one year I am still at zero and many people who start after me making a whole lot of money
Something that's I don't have fundamental knowledge and also luck which is not in my favor
Hey friends Is there anyone knows a coach ( mindset coach, business coach )
I want to help coaches to get 5-10 high quality clients
#buildinpublic #Mindset
And after I see someone getting clients in their couple of dms/emails. It really motivates and demotivates at the same time so I just don't know what to do.
Can anyone help me in this
Does cold outreach is really is not good?
If you are struggling with getting good sleep you should join this group in this group we provide great sleep techniques which really helps me to improve sleep and release stress…
Hey friends I want to ask how to send lots of emails per day
For free and also how to find emails to send
When you ask someone something it depends on who you are asking or they give you or not but your success depends on what you do with this knowledge.
Everyone one is growing on Twitter and posting success and I want to say congratulations 🎉 to everyone
For indiehackers if you want to learn about solopreneurship you need to follow him
Just noticed... will I hit 7k today?? 👀