If you are thinking of starting on Twitter do this

Write, measure and learn

double down what's working
If you want to know what's working on Twitter

Tweet regularly 3-5 times
You need to put some work
Then only then you know how to grow 🪴
hey friends I am building a list of web3 resources . In this long list you will get a list of creators , articles , blogs, videos, tutorials etc.
You can get it in $10 now, it's real price is $20 so it's a pre-sale you can get 50% off on it.
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Hello friends today I am giving my nocode pdf guide for free you can get it it's only today's offer only I want to know how you feel reading this
please mention 🔥 here if you want it I will DM it
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I really really like microbusiness or 1 person businesses , if you know any of it and if you have one please tell about it below 👇
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I shared my thoughts on Breakcold. Join the discussion on @producthunt
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Many startups are forming in the Nocode space and they are getting funding also so what you say Coding or Nocode
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Hey friends, Nocode Pdf guide is ready if you want it you can DM me a or mention 🔥 here it's send to your Dm with payment option , there is a payments problem that is solved .
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If anyone finds this train please let me know
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I just reached $5k MRR 😲🥳 

Me: riding the bootstrapper train on the way to freedom
@BuildNucode it's a community of builders making products without code.

@YouTube is also very good if you want to learn about nocode and nocode tools there are many creators , I am going to name some of them
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Don't impress someone by your physical appearance impress them by your mind
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Did you know @makerpad is also made up with the help of nocode tools , there is no limitation what you can do with nocode it's in your head.
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Here anyone knows how to accept get payments from clients in @stripe please tell me?
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Hey 👋 I am building an ebook for the people who wants to learn Nocode if you want that you can mention 🙋 below
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Starting some thing is always gives pain it's either giving birth to new life
Starting a business, side project or startup
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Bootstrapping is not a word it's a way of doing business and living life
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Hey friends who wants their twitter DMs more effective of yes mention 👋 below either you are small business or indiemaker and mention your business also
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I have something for you
An ebook on nocode the first chapter I am giving it for free
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This poem suits to everyone's SaaS
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Unpopular SaaS poem

The sky is blue

Roses are red

if you don't get sales your SaaS is dead