Slow growth is good because you notice the problems that are coming to your way very easily.
You have to be fast when you solve the problems coming in the way of your journey of business and life.
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If a tree falls in the forest and there's nobody to hear it, did it make a sound?

If you are working on a startup and you're not talking about it in public, are you really building?
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A quick #buildinpublic update for today. Several wins, and one big struggle.
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Small change leads to a huge impact:

1. Giving more effort to make it happen

2. Pass on one bad habit

3. Save 5% on all purchases

4. Practice patience for 5 each day

5. Smile at 5 people you encounter in your day or week

What more would you add?
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10 No-Code tools to help build your next startup

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If you have started writing today

Don't target blog first, you will waste time and energy there as no one is going to notice it.

Instead, target social platforms like
• Twitter
• LinkedIn
• Quora
• Medium

You already have the base set with engaging community.
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... basically what we added to Gallery elements a week ago but for Image elements

PS: Image doesn't have to be linked to a URL for these to work
We don't know who needs to hear this but distribution matters more than product.
If you are an😊Graphic designer
Individual seller
🎙️podcast owner I think you can call yourself a small business. If I am wrong please correct me and comment your
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