Recently, MobX-state-tree came up again and promised code readability and performance, which I struggled to manage with Redux. I played around with MST today, and I am considering switching. Few benefits that are swaying my decision...👇 #buildinpublic #reactnative #expo
I have completed all the screens for the native/web app. Next up is the wire up the routes and data. #uiux #buildinpublic #reactnative #expo
I went with horizontal scroll selectors for Day and Stage to be flexible for any event and works on all platforms. Initially wanted to use tabs or dropdown selection but does handle all the use cases. What would you have done? #uiux #buildinpublic #reactnative #expo
This is the issue with FlatList. Any thoughts on why this happened? #buildinpublic #reactnative #expo
I implemented the Event Schedule Screen with stage and day filters. There was an issue with react native's FlatList, so I opted to use a ScrollView for now. #buildinpublic #reactnative #expo
I worked on the Events List screen, making sure it worked in native and web. A few gotchas I discovered 👇 #buildinpublic #reactnative #expo
I've planned out the views for the Native Festival App. I will reuse the UI as much as possible to focus on wiring a backend for shareability. #buildinpublic #expo #ReactNative
Last month, I worked on a web app to schedule the artist you want to see at a festival. This month I want to try going native first to target ios, android, and web via expo. The challenge will be not having all the web CSS features like the grid. #buildinpublic
I’ve added offline support, so will continue to work even if you have no internet access.… #buildinpublic #nextjs #pwa
Oops, I forgot the date selection. Well, it's there now! #buildinpublic

beta app…
Navigate set times, add the set to your schedule and adjust the time so you can make sure to schedule everyone you want to see! #edc #EDCLV2021 #buildinpublic

Check out the beta app…
I finally wired up the festival app, and it is now available just in time for EDC. There is still lots more work, but I wanted to get a demo out in the wild. #buildinpublic #edc #EDCLV2021…
I am using #Nextjs & redux-persist for offline capabilities, but now it can't render on the server-side. Would you still stick with Nextjs or opt for another framework? #buildinpublic #React #Redux
I am wiring up the pages in #Nextjs. Connected Events, Set Times, and Session Details. #buildinpublic
This week I'll be working on wiring up the screens together and shipping the app. #buildinpublic
I've completed the final view, "User Share." It is not ideal since I would like to build out the actual share feature, but that's the next phase. The first phase is to launch the app this week. #buildinpublic
I like building out full screens instead of small components in @storybookjs because it allows me to fine tune the UI/UX for each specific use case. #buildinpublic #uiux #storybook
I completed the UI for the User Session Edit view. Next up is fixing up the state on the slider and note changes. #buildinpublic
I should be able to complete the remainder of the screens this week. First up is the User Session Edit. Users will be able to adjust the start and end times for the session. #buildinpublic
I played around with a dark mode view. What do you think? #buildinpublic